6 Holiday Recipes From Dorsey Schools of Michigan

Holiday Recipes | Dorsey Schools of Michigan

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Dorsey Schools!  Are you looking for some tasty holiday recipes?  If so, look no more!  Our talented team of chefs have shared some of their favorite holiday recipes.  We wanted to share them with all of you on our Holiday Recipes 2016 page.  Read more below for some delicious recipes and some culinary school tips.  These are from chef instructors at Dorsey’s cooking schools in Michigan.

Holiday Recipes | A Collection of our Favorites – Dorsey Schools, MI

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1. Cooking School Tips – Holiday Turkey Recipe

Holiday Turkey Recipe Dorsey Schools

We’re committed to sharing some delicious holiday recipes and culinary school tips with our readers this season. What would this series be without talking a little bit about turkey?! We recently sat down with Chef Natalia Tarnavsky, CEC from our Roseville, MI campus. She shared some of her tips with us on preparing a delicious turkey.

2. Holiday Recipes – How To Make Twice Baked Potatoes

Baked Potato Recipe - Cooking School Tips

We wish all of our students, staff, and the loyal readers of our blog the happiest of holidays. In appreciation, we are also sharing some of chefs’ favorite holiday recipes. Feel free to take a look at our recipe. You never know, this dish could be making an appearance at your home this holiday season.

3. Holiday Recipes – Sweet Potato Pie  

Sweet Potato Pie Holiday Recipes

Happy Holidays!  One of the hallmarks of the holiday season could very well be delicious items baked in kitchens across the world.  We tend to agree that delicious baked goods help make the holidays.

4.  Holiday Recipes – Chocolate Mint Swirl Cookies | Dorsey Culinary Academy

Mint Chocolate Swirl Cookies | Dorsey Schools Michigan

These cookies can be great for your holiday gathering or meal. They can also be a nice gift idea. Imagine baking cookies for someone special in your life and then festively packaging them to add a touch of holiday flare.

5. Holiday Recipes – Vegan Pumpkin Pie 

Thanksgiving Recipes | Cooking School Tips

For those who may be entertaining a vegan this holiday season, this recipe is sure to delight.

6. Holiday Recipes – Mom’s Coffeecake | Culinary School Tips

Coffee Cake Recipe | Cooking Schools in Michigan


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