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Where can medical assistants work?
A medical assistant can work in a variety of places in the healthcare field. That’s because the work they do is vital to keeping things organized and operating. They help a variety of patients and their colleagues every day. Before we get to where medical assistants can work, let’s start... Read more
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9 Benefits of Medical Training Programs
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a, employment of Medical Assistants is projected to grow 23% from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than average for all occupations. The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget shares that jobs for healthcare support occupations could experience a projected 18.1%... Read more
medical lab assistant career
Medical Lab Assistant Career Guide
A medical lab assistant career can be an exciting and fast-paced career path. It’s also one you may not think of when you consider joining the world of healthcare. If you’ve never heard of it, a medical lab assistant helps perform testing for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.... Read more
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Patient Care Technician Skills To Know
Are you exploring a PCT career? If so, you may have noticed that patient care technician skills are versatile and varied. A PCT will need medical and technical skills, but also emotional and soft skills. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to learn these skills, exploring an accredited education program... Read more
radiologic technologist duties
Radiologic Technologist Duties
Have you ever broken a bone or needed to go to the hospital for a medical scan? Hopefully not, but if you have, chances are you’ve benefited from the behind-the-scenes heroes who are radiologic technologists. Radiologic technologist duties include operating X-ray machines and scanners that create diagnostic images of patients,... Read more
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Pharmacy Technician Career Guide
Pharmacy technicians play a vital role on the care teams in pharmacies or hospitals. They help with distributing medications to people who need it. They communicate often with pharmacists, patients, and other healthcare workers. No two days are the same. To be a pharmacy technician, you must have specific education... Read more