become a lpn
Steps to become a LPN
If you have a caring heart, a desire to help people, and often find yourself pouring love into those in need, consider becoming an LPN! An LPN is a fully qualified entry-level nurse. LPNs often serve under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses. As integral members of healthcare teams,... Read more
what does a medical assistant do
What Does a Medical Assistant Do?
Whether you’re just starting your career or considering changing your existing profession, why not consider joining the medical field as a medical assistant? You may be wondering though, what does a medical assistant do exactly? Typically found on the frontlines of a doctor’s office or clinic, medical assistants work directly... Read more
medical assistant training
What You Could Expect in Medical Assistant Training
If you want to pursue a rewarding entry-level healthcare career, consider becoming a medical assistant. Medical assistants have opportunities daily to help people and make a difference. Medical Assistant training is typically a requirement to work in this occupation. Researching programs and selecting the right school is essential. Pursuing this... Read more
surgical technologist education
A Guide to Surgical Technologist Education
Would you say you were satisfied with your current job? Would you prefer to work in a faster-paced environment where an everyday benefit could be helping save someone’s life? If you’re thinking yes, then chances are, enrolling in a Surgical Technologist education program to pursue a new career in this... Read more
radiologic technologist education
Radiologic technologist education guide
If you’re considering pursuing a radiologic technologist education you’re making an excellent choice! They provide doctors with vital patient information (in the form of imaging scans) needed to make diagnoses that can save lives. Aside from being an essential part of the healthcare team, there are many good reasons to... Read more