The difference between a lab technician and a lab assistant can be understood by closely examining their roles in the laboratory. It is because of their jobs and the work of other healthcare professionals that we’re able to catch an insight into human deficiencies and identify diseases. Medical lab technicians... Read more


where do pharmacy technicians work
Where do Pharmacy Technicians Work?
While a doctor pinpoints correct diagnosis and treatment, the healthcare system would be incomplete without a licensed pharmacist and pharmacy technicians processing insurance claims and identifying and handling medications for patients. Pharmacy Technicians hold a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They’re responsible for assisting Pharmacists, filling and labeling prescriptions,... Read more
pros and cons of being an hvac technician
The Pros and Cons of Being an HVAC Technician
So, you’re thinking of becoming an HVAC Technician – it’s an excellent industry, and you’ve heard some great things about this skilled trade! However, before you sign up for an HVAC training program, you’re probably looking to learn more about the pros and cons of being an HVAC Technician first?... Read more
8 Skills That Make a Good Dental Assistant
8 Skills That Make a Good Dental Assistant
8 Skills That Make a Good Dental Assistant A skilled dental assistant is a vital part of the dental healthcare team. Having a successful career as a dental assistant means having superb communication skills, maintaining strong attention to detail, keeping organized, and more! As a dental assistant, you’ll be working... Read more
How to Become a Radiology Technician
How to Become a Radiologic Technologist
Do you want to pursue a career in healthcare where you can play an active role by helping in the process of doctors diagnosing patients?  If so, becoming a Radiologic Technologist may be a career path worth pursuing.  You may be wondering how to become a radiologic technologist?  What type... Read more
What is a Radiology Technician
What is a Radiologic Technologist?
The healthcare field is vast and diverse.  There is a large cast of characters (so to speak) that are involved in helping us get the care we need when we are sick or injured.  Radiologic Technologists are among those healthcare professionals that we may rely on and interact with during... Read more
What Is a Pharmacy Technician
What Is a Pharmacy Technician?
A pharmacy technician is a medical professional who works directly with pharmacists to meet the needs of their customers and makes sure they get the proper care. Pharmacy technicians can locate, dispense, pack, and label prescription medication which is reviewed by a pharmacist before given to the customer. As a... Read more