A career as a radiologic technologist can offer a fast-paced job environment. While a lot of the skills can be taught, there are some qualities that make a good radiologic technologist. These characteristics include persistence, attention to detail, organization, people skills, and more. Radiologic technologists are an important part of... Read more


radiologic technologist duties
Radiologic Technologist Duties
Have you ever broken a bone or needed to go to the hospital for a medical scan? Hopefully not, but if you have, chances are you’ve benefited from the behind-the-scenes heroes who are radiologic technologists. Radiologic technologist duties include operating X-ray machines and scanners that create diagnostic images of patients,... Read more
benefits of a pharmacy technician career
Pharmacy Technician Career Guide
Pharmacy technicians play a vital role on the care teams in pharmacies or hospitals. They help with distributing medications to people who need it. They communicate often with pharmacists, patients, and other healthcare workers. No two days are the same. To be a pharmacy technician, you must have specific education... Read more
licensed practical nurse duties
Licensed Practical Nurse Duties
A licensed practical nurse’s duties include an exciting and fast-paced workload. Every LPN’s “day in the life” looks different, depending on where they work and the people they work with. Some LPNs work in hospitals alongside registered nurses and physicians. They work as a care team to provide the best... Read more
how to become a dental assistant
How To Become a Dental Assistant
If there’s one area of the healthcare sector that puts more smiles back on people’s faces – it’s working in dental healthcare. By becoming a dental assistant, you can not only become a pivotal member of any dental healthcare team, you can start an exciting new career in the dental... Read more
registered nurse career
Registered Nurse Career Guide
A major reason for choosing a registered nurse career is the variety of career options. Graduates who pass the NCLEX-RN exam can pursue specialties and job positions that align with their goals and interests. It’s a great career choice for people who enjoy a fast-paced work environment where no two... Read more
how to become an esthetician in Michigan
How to Become an Esthetician in Michigan
Have you always dreamed of launching a career in the beauty and skincare industry? Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or a skincare enthusiast, learning how to become an esthetician could fast-track you toward a new career as a skincare professional promoting the health and appearance of people’s skin. Fortunately,... Read more