Admissions Information

   Requirements for Admission
Additional Program-Specific Admissions Policies

  • Selected Medical/Healthcare programs
  • Practical Nurse program
  • Dorsey School of Beauty

Transfer Students / Transfer of Credit and Clock Hours
Disabilities Accommodation
Enrollment Policy
Statement of Non-Discrimination


Requirements for Admission

Generally accepted requirements for admission to Dorsey Schools are:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • A career planning session with a Dorsey Schools Admissions Representative, and…
  • A desire, interest and motivation to succeed

We invite you to take advantage of the career training opportunities at Dorsey Schools. Contact us at any time to arrange a visit. Or, simply click here for our campus locations.

To arrange a visit, please call 888-422-1188, or contact us.

To fully understand the many options available to you, a visit to the school is recommended. A visit will enable you to explore:

  • Personal interests and goals
  • Training and employment objectives
  • Various training options and career opportunities
  • How Dorsey Schools can help YOU!

When you decide Dorsey Schools is the appropriate choice for you, we invite you to submit an application for admission.

Additional Program-Specific Admissions Policies

Selected Medical/Healthcare programs

  • Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Technician, and Dialysis Patient Care Technician program applicants are required to submit to a criminal background check. Continued enrollment in these programs is contingent upon the results of the background check.
  • For patient safety during the clinical assignment, Patient Care Technician students must be free of any lifting or activity restrictions.
  • Verification of high school diploma or its equivalent (a GED) is required for continued enrollment in the Massage Therapy and Pharmacy Technician programs, in accordance with State of Michigan licensure eligibility requirements.

Practical Nurse program
Practical Nurse Enrollment Process

Dorsey Schools utilizes a progressive admissions process for the Practical Nurse program. Prospective students must successfully complete each step in the process before moving on to the next step. All individuals interested in enrolling into the Practical Nurse program must:

  1. Attend a Practical Nurse program informational meeting. Individuals interested in enrolling in the PN program will be invited to attend an informational meeting to receive information about the steps in the admissions process and requirements for the program.
  2. Challenge the ATI TEAS V test. Prospective students will pay a $75 nonrefundable testing fee to register for and challenge the exam as scheduled by the campus. A minimum score of 42 must be achieved on the TEAS test.
  3. Submit a 500 word essay. The essay will be in APA format responding to five (5) questions. The completed essay must be submitted on the day that the prospective student challenges the TEAS test.
  4. References: Provide three (3) references. Two (2) must be healthcare-related and one (1) professional. Students may submit other documents that demonstrate related merit or experience that he or she believes should be considered in the admissions process.
  5. Meet with the Nursing Admissions Panel for a personal interview. Students who successfully pass the TEAS test with a minimum score of 42 and who have submitted required documentation for admission may be eligible for admission and will be contacted.
  6. Meet with Financial Aid to complete required paperwork. After successful completion of the interview with the Director of Nursing, students will be notified to schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Advisor to complete the required paperwork.
  7. Meet with an Admissions Representative. At this initial meeting, the prospective student will be given instructions for completion of the criminal background check and drug screen. The prospective student will be required to pay a nonrefundable enrollment fee of $200.
  8. Sign a criminal background check authorization form. Results must be negative.
  9. Submit to a drug screen conducted at an off-site location. Results must be negative.

Additional Requirements For Admission

  1. Documentation that all health requirements have been met. This includes: updated immunizations, a recent and negative TB test, and a statement of good health from a qualified physician. Please see the ‘Dorsey Schools PN program Health Requirements’ form.
  2. Documentation of current CPR/BLS certification.
  3. Status as high school graduate or its equivalent (GED). Official transcripts will be requested to verify this information.

Practical Nurse Admissions – Final Step

As the final step for acceptance into the Practical Nurse program at Dorsey Schools, the Nursing Admissions Panel will review all applicants and will select those students who will be admitted into the program. Letters of acceptance will be mailed to students approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes.

Dorsey School of Beauty

Taylor Location – Taylortown School of Beauty d/b/a Dorsey School of Beauty

Requirements for admission to Dorsey School of Beauty in Taylor are: (1) documentation of a high school diploma or its equivalent (for example, a General Education Development “GED” High School Equivalency Certificate or evidence of completion of home schooling), (2) a career planning session with a Dorsey School of Beauty admissions representative, and (3) the desire, interest and motivation to succeed.  The State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology, and therefore Dorsey School of Beauty’s admissions policy, requires cosmetology and manicuring license applicants to be at least 17 years of age; additional requirements for cosmetology instructor license applicants includes current licensure as a cosmetologist.

Madison Heights and Roseville Locations – Dorsey School of Business d/b/a Dorsey School of Beauty

Continued enrollment in the cosmetology program is contingent upon validation of high school diploma or GED, in accordance with State of Michigan licensure eligibility requirements.  The State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology, and therefore Dorsey Schools admissions policy, requires cosmetology license applicants to be at least 17 years of age.


Transfer Students / Transfer of Credit and Clock Hours

Students accepted for enrollment into Dorsey Schools will be allowed to transfer credits and/or hours earned from other accredited institutions recognized by the United States Department of Education (outside institutions) as outlined herein:

    1. The student is required to provide an official transcript outlining credits and/or clock hours earned and course descriptions from the outside institution.
    2. The student must have earned at least a grade of “C” (70%, 2.0) for each course accepted for transfer credits and/or hours.
    3. The course must have had course content and units of measurement similar to those in Dorsey Schools’ program.
    4. The student’s last date of attendance at the outside institution must be within two years of enrollment at Dorsey Schools.
    5. The student may transfer up to 50% of program courses or 60% of cosmetology program hours; exceptions may be made to this policy for students transferring from schools closing in the last twelve months as approved by the vice president, education and career services.
    6. Transfer of courses is determined on a case-by-case basis by the managing director and as approved by corporate educational management.

For students meeting this criteria, credits will be reflected in the student’s academic record as a transfer credit “TC” but will not count towards a student’s cumulative grade point average. Transfer credits will count as credits attempted and credits earned in the calculation of maximum time frame as part of satisfactory academic progress determination. Tuition will be adjusted by an amount equal to the cost of the course(s)/hours.

Students transferring from other institutions may receive credit for hours and/or MPAs previously earned at the discretion of Dorsey School of Beauty, taking into consideration the results from a written and practical assessment exam administered by the school, hours earned as confirmed via affidavit from the State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology or documentation received verifying hours earned in another State, and MPAs earned as confirmed by an official transcript from the issuing institution. Transfer hours granted, MPAs accepted, and any tuition adjustment must be determined prior to the student attending Dorsey School of Beauty. Transfer MPAs accepted will be reflected and integrated into each student’s academic progress report.

Disabilities Accommodation

All campuses of Dorsey Schools are readily accessible to disabled students and comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities. The Michigan relay number for the Deaf and Deafened is 800-649-3777 V/TTY.

Information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act is available at:

Enrollment Policy

After withdrawal, a student may apply for re-admittance by contacting the campus. Students applying for re-admittance to Dorsey Schools will be subject to a review of the circumstances surrounding the original withdrawal and an evaluation of the student’s satisfactory academic progress status. Students permitted to readmit are required to complete their program in accordance with the maximum time frame sap requirement. All students re-admitting must be approved by a campus re-admittance committee. Students are encouraged to apply for re-admittance a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start of the module in which they wish to return.
All failed courses, and all courses with earned grades of WF or WP, must be repeated. Re-admitted students may also be required to retake a course that was previously taken with a passing grade to ensure the student’s success at Dorsey Schools and in their future careers, as determined by the managing director.
Students who are re-admitted to any Dorsey School of Beauty program after an interruption of 180 days or more may receive credit for hours previously earned at the discretion of Dorsey School of Beauty, taking into consideration the results from a written and practical assessment exam administered by the school and hours previously earned. Credit for hours previously earned and per hour, the managing director must determine charges prior to the student resuming attendance at Dorsey School of Beauty.
A re-admitting student who was required to withdraw because of active military status will be promptly re-entered with no advance notice required by the student if re-admitting within five (5) years of completion of service, unless unusual circumstances require the institution to admit the student at a later date. Re-admitting students will be processed into his/her same program of study at the same enrollment status and with the same number of hours previously completed. If that program is no longer offered, the student will be re-admitted to the program that is most similar in terms of content and credit hours unless the student requests admission to a different program. If the school assesses that additional academic preparation is required before resuming active enrollment, this will be provided by the school at no charge to the student. In all cases, the student will be charged the same tuition and fees that would have been assessed at the time the student left the school for active military service. Students may contact the managing director for more information about this policy and eligibility, or when ready to re-admit.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

It is the policy of Dorsey Schools to provide a learning environment free from discrimination or harassment. In accordance with state and federal law, discrimination or harassment by members of the School community against members of the School community is strictly not allowed based on the following: race, color, creed, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, sex or sexual identity, veteran status, or citizenship status. This non-discrimination and non-harassment policy encompasses the operation of the educational programs and activities of Dorsey Schools, including admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs and all other school-related activities. Dorsey Schools is committed to ensuring that this non-discrimination and non-harassment policy is effectively observed in all of the Schools’ endeavors.