Dental Assistant training program

Have the opportunity to take a step forward towards a future in the dental assisting field at Dorsey Schools! Dental Assistant training at Dorsey Schools is designed to teach students the basics of dental care and help prepare them for a vital role on a dental healthcare team. Our diploma program aims to teach students the skills needed to effectively complete various administrative and clinical tasks they may perform daily on the job.

In addition to classroom instruction, students have the opportunity to participate in a dental assistant externship in the last module of their training. An externship gives students a safe space to practice what they have learned in the classroom and strengthen their abilities. Successful completion of the Dental Assistant training program could also help prepare students to challenge two components of a national certification exam. Dental Assistant training at Dorsey Schools could be your first step to an entry-level position in the dental industry.

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Are you wondering “where can I take dental assistant classes”? Dorsey Schools offers Dental Assistant training at multiple campus locations:
Dorsey Schools - Dearborn, MI, Campus (A branch campus of Madison Heights)
Dorsey Schools - Roseville, MI, Campus (A branch campus of Madison Heights)
Dorsey Schools - Woodhaven, MI, Campus (A branch campus of Madison Heights)

Dorsey Schools’ Dental Assistant training

If you are looking for dental assistant programs in Michigan, consider Dorsey Schools! Through our program, you could learn important key skills as a dental assistant to help you perform on the job. Our small class sizes allow our students to receive personal attention and guidance as they work toward their career goals. The Dental Assistant training program at Dorsey Schools covers a variety of topics, both administrative and clinical, to help students become well-rounded professionals.

Through our Dental Assistant training diploma program, you could learn about preventative oral care as well as dental anatomy and physiology. You could also learn about two-handed and four-handed chairside assisting and many more responsibilities of a dental assistant! Our Dental Assistant training program is designed to be successfully completed in one year and covers many of the topics you could need to succeed in the field.

What You Could Expect in Your Dental Assistant training

Dorsey Schools’ dental assisting courses help instruct students on how to provide dental care to patients while under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. Students are taught many fundamental skills in our Dental Assistant training school including:

  • Dental anatomy and physiology
  • Terminology
  • Dental materials
  • Two-handed and four-handed chairside assisting
  • Radiography*
  • Sterilization
  • Infection control
  • Pharmacology
  • Laboratory procedures

After completing the classroom portion of our program we place the student in an externship. Externships allow the student to actually execute what they have learned in an occupational setting. This component of our program is an important part of the learning process and could help the student better grasp their daily job responsibilities.

Responsibilities & Skills You Could Learn in Dental Assistant training

The career of a dental assistant could be both fulfilling and rewarding! After completing dental assisting school, you could work closely with dentists and dental hygienists who could offer their expertise and teach you their tricks of the trade! Although regulations vary by state, the responsibilities of a dental assistant may include:

  • Helping patients become comfortable in the dental chair
  • Preparing patients and exam room for treatments and operations
  • Disinfecting dental instruments
  • Processing x-rays and performing lab tasks, under the direction of a dentist
  • Assisting the patients will bill and payment2.

Are you wondering what it takes to become a Dental Assistant? A few key skills for dental assistants to have could include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organizational skills2

Learning these routine tasks and personal skills could help you bring a smile to your patient’s face and build a fulfilling career.

What Are the Career Prospects for a Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistants play an important role in the physical well being of their patients. According to ongoing research, oral health has been linked to the patient’s overall health3! As the aging population seeks out preventive care, dentists could depend on dental assistants more and more to meet the demand for dental care.

Dorsey Schools’ Dental assistant training could be your opportunity to fill a gap on a dental team. Are you ready to take your place in the world of dentistry? Contact us today!

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*DA114, the course that covers Introduction to Radiology, follows the Michigan Dental Association approved radiography training program.

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NOTE: The Michigan Department of Community Health, Bureau of Health Professions and the Board of Dentistry, are responsible for the licensing of individuals who want to practice dentistry, dental hygiene and advanced levels of dental assisting. Students attending a course in dental assisting that is offered by a licensed proprietary school that is not accredited by the American Dental Association are not eligible for licensure by the State of Michigan. Dorsey Schools is classified as a licensed proprietary school and is not accredited by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation. Graduates of this program are not eligible for licensure as a Registered Dental Assistant. However, graduates of this program may challenge a certification exam offered by the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. after completing 3,500 hours of dental work experience. Dorsey’s Dental Assistant Program includes the opportunity to sit for the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) and the Infection Control (ICE) certification exams, which are two components of the Dental Assisting national Board (“DANB”) Certified Dental Assistant (“CDA”) exam. Graduates of this program may complete the third exam component necessary for DANB’s CDA credential, which is challenged after completing “a minimum of 3,500 hours’ work experience as a dental assistant, accrued over a period of at least two years (24 months, if employed fulltime) to a maximum of four years (48 months, if employed part-time) which employment must be verified by a licensed dentist.”