There are no closures/cancellations to report at this time.


You can stay updated on campus closure/class cancellation info by visiting this page and/or contacting our Weather Alert line at 855-630-1012. Thank you.

Weather Closing Info

The decision to cancel classes or close campus is one that is given tremendous thought and consideration and we take a number of factors into account when making such decisions. Please also be advised that in the event of a class cancellation or school closure due to an emergency such as a power outage or snow day, mandatory make-up dates will be scheduled either on a day between modules or on a Friday or Saturday.

We realize that in times of inclement weather, conditions can vary greatly by location, so we always encourage our students to exercise their personal judgment when conditions may be questionable. If a student believes conditions are not safe to travel, we would encourage them to stay home and return to school when local conditions improve.

How will I know if my campus is closed due to weather conditions

In times of questionable conditions, Dorsey has established the following resources to keep students informed:

  • Check closures on major local television stations.
  • Call our Weather Alert Hotline: 855-630-1012.
  • Visit – closures will be posted in the timeline.
  • Visit the Weather Closing Info page on the Dorsey website (this page right here!).

Please consult the resources above before calling a campus or posing a question to us on social media regarding school closures.

When school is closed, Dorsey students on externship should report to their externship site, if it is open. Externship students may wish to call their site in advance to verify if they are open.

Patient Care Technician externship students should contact their assigned clinical instructor for direction.

Practical Nurse students on clinical rotations may wish to call their assigned clinical instructor in advance to ask if they should report to their site.