Dorsey Difference

Reasons to Attend Dorsey Schools Over Other Career Training Programs in Michigan

1. A Trusted Michigan Career Training School For Over 80 years!

Dorsey Schools is a respected post-secondary institution, having trained and taught quality graduates in Michigan since 1934. At Dorsey Schools, you’re not just a number. You have specific goals; goals that are unique to you as an individual and as a student at Dorsey Schools, we’re going to work hard to help you reach those goals. Our instructors and administrators know students individually and they care about each individual student. In addition, our schools are designed to help students throughout their time with us; from the Admissions process through Financial Aid to Career Services, our administrators are readily available. Here at Dorsey Schools, we have a strong commitment to our students and the communities in which they live and work.

2. Education That’s Working for YOU!

  • Small Class Sizes: Many of our lecture classes have a maximum of a 30:1 student-to-teacher ratio (some may be up to 40:1; the ratio varies by campus), and most lab classes have a maximum of an 18:1 student to teacher ratio, allowing students to receive personal attention and the one-on-one guidance needed for success.
  • Quality Instructors: Our industry-experienced instructors are dedicated and committed to our students’ success. Every Dorsey Schools instructor meets or exceeds State of Michigan and/or accreditation criteria, guidelines, and qualifications. It’s not uncommon for students of Dorsey Schools to see their instructors as their coach and mentor throughout their studies.

3. Exceptional, Short-Term Career Training Programs

  • Hands-on Training: We provide our students with a program-specific curriculum which is dedicated to assist them in learning the skills needed for that specific career. Learning at Dorsey Schools often takes place in both lecture and lab settings, allowing students the ability to practice the skills they are learning. Many of our programs also include an externship prior to graduation, which is designed to model the work environment students may experience upon graduation.1
  • Short-Term Training Programs: Many of the programs at Dorsey Schools can be completed in a year or less, allowing students to complete their training in a relatively short period of time.2

4. Convenience and Flexibility

  • Convenient Campus Locations: We have campus locations prepared to assist the people of Michigan develop skills needed for exciting new career opportunities. Each of our campuses has a dedicated staff available to help students throughout their studies.
  • Convenient Class Schedules: We realize our students are busy and often juggle commitments outside of school. As a result, we offer day, afternoon, and evening classes 3 designed to fit their schedules.

5. Student Services throughout your studies at Dorsey Schools

  • Tuition Planning:  Each of our campuses has a representative available to meet with students to discuss tuition financing options. We realize the Financial Aid process can be difficult to understand, but our team will help students understand the process and options available to them. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. 4
  • Career Services: Each of our campuses are committed to offering employment assistance to all program completers. In addition, Dorsey Schools has developed relationships with employers in Michigan which, when coupled with the job search skills students learn, creates positive employment possibilities for our graduates.  Dorsey Schools is your Career Connection™.5

1 Programs vary by campus
2 Completion time varies by program
3 Availability varies by campus
4 Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy locations do not offer programs that are eligible for Financial Aid.
5 Employment assistance is available to all program completers; however, job placement is not guaranteed by Dorsey Schools.