Dialysis Patient Care Technician training program

If you’re looking for a growing career in the world of healthcare, consider our Dialysis Patient Care Technician program. The Dialysis Patient Care Technician diploma program at Dorsey Schools combines classroom-based career training and instruction with a hands-on externship component for an outstanding learning experience in the in-demand medical field of allied health. What is a dialysis technician? A dialysis patient care technician is a healthcare professional responsible for the technical management of hemodialysis (or blood filtering) treatment for patients who have an advanced kidney disease. Dialysis patient care technicians operate dialysis machines as well as provide basic patient care while under the supervision of registered nurses. Students enrolled in the Dialysis Patient Care Technician program will have the opportunity to master the specific duties that are necessary to properly assist patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment. No prior experience in this field is required to enroll in our Dialysis Patient Care Technician training program, just the desire to learn.

  • Disinfect dialysis equipment
  • Monitor the patient
  • Measure and record vital signs
  • Draw blood
  • Evaluate intradialytic problems
  • Responsible for calculating and entry of individual patients’ dialysis machine programming
  • Collect, label, appropriately prepare and store lab samples

The Dialysis Patient Care Technician diploma program is offered at the following Dorsey Schools campus locations:

Dialysis Patient Care Technician training – Michigan career training

Dialysis training in this program includes:

  • Introduction to the interpersonal, communication, and basic clinical skills required in caring for patients with acute/ chronic renal disease who are undergoing dialysis treatment at a dialysis facility or hospital.
  • Exposure to the techniques for operating, monitoring and disinfecting kidney dialysis equipment and machines while observing facility policies/procedures and Federal and State Regulations.
  • The opportunity to develop direct skills (including observation, education, taking vital signs, injections, blood draws, ECGs, and more), all while monitoring patient comfort and safety.
  • Dorsey Schools will pay the cost one time for Dialysis Patient Care Technician program graduates to challenge a certification examination as selected by Dorsey Schools, contingent upon the graduate meeting Dorsey Schools exam preparation requirements.

Dialysis Patient Care Technician

Dialysis Patient Care Technician Career Outlook

The Dialysis Patient Care Technician program includes an elective externship course option. Elective course options include the Medical Assistant externship, the Patient Care Technician Externship or the Dialysis Patient Care Technician Externship. Externship course and site selection are dependent on externship site availability and will, therefore, be determined by Dorsey Schools. The externship during the last module of training provides actual clinical experience in a medical facility and professional exposure. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid require dialysis patient care technicians to become certified within 18 months of employment in the field of dialysis. There­fore, Dorsey Schools’ graduates are encouraged to sit for applicable certification examinations.

A career as a dialysis tech can be extremely rewarding and satisfying, as professionals in this field work closely with and care for patients while they undergo hemodialysis treatment. Typical duties include: taking patient vitals, patient blood sterilization and inspecting and maintaining hemodialysis machines before, during, and after the procedures, among other tasks.

Jobs in this field can be found in hospitals, dialysis centers, health care clinics, medical offices, rehab facilities, and other healthcare facilities.

Dialysis Patient Care Technician – Gainful Employment Disclosures

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