Dialysis Tech Job Description – Roles and Responsibilities

Dialysis Tech

A Dialysis Technician is a professional who provides medical care and support to patients with renal failure. These patients are currently undergoing dialysis treatment at a healthcare facility. Dialysis is a process of filtering the blood to remove harmful toxins and wastes. Dialysis Techs work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The dialysis tech job description includes a number of duties and responsibilities. They must have a strong knowledge of renal physiology and be able to work well under pressure. If you are interested in a career as a Dialysis Technician, then read on to learn more about the job description and the skills you will need to succeed in this role.

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What does a Dialysis Technician do?

A Dialysis Technician is responsible for operating dialysis machines and providing care to patients undergoing dialysis treatment. They work directly under and closely with registered nurses as members of the patient care team. The main duty of a Dialysis Technician is to operate dialysis machines. This involves setting up the machine, monitoring the patient during treatment, and performing machine maintenance.
Dialysis Technicians must be highly trained in the proper use of dialysis machines and safety procedures. They must also be able to troubleshoot problems with the machine and provide emergency care if necessary.

Dialysis Tech Job Description

The roles and responsibilities of a dialysis technician can vary depending on the employer and the specific job requirements. However, there are some common duties that are typically involved in this position. Some of the duties of a dialysis technician include maintaining dialysis machines, monitoring patients during dialysis treatments, and keeping detailed records of patients’ progress.

Dialysis technicians may also be responsible for providing patient education on how to care for themselves before and after treatments. Overall, the goal of a dialysis technician is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and that they are able to safely and effectively undergo dialysis treatments.

Dialysis Technicians are generally responsible for the following:

  • Assembling supplies and preparing machinery
  • Testing monitors and machine functions
  • Taking patient vital signs before and after treatment
  • Measuring, calculating and adjusting blood flow and fluid removal rates
  • Monitoring patients and equipment, responding to alarms, and adjusting treatment
  • Responding appropriately to dialysis-related emergencies
  • Disinfecting dialysis supplies and sanitizing equipment
  • Communicating emotional, medical, psychosocial, and nutritional concerns to the registered nurse and working with them to ensure patient needs are met

Ready to become a dialysis technician?

If you’re thinking about becoming a dialysis technician, there are a few things you should consider before making the jump. The most important thing is that you’re prepared to handle the physical and emotional demands of the job. Dialysis technicians work closely with patients who are going through a difficult and often emotionally charged experience. It’s important that you’re able to provide support and care to your patients while also maintaining a professional demeanor.

Of course you should also be well trained in and comfortable with the technical aspects of the job. As a dialysis technician, you’ll be responsible for operating and maintaining complex medical equipment. It’s important that you have a strong understanding of how the equipment works and are comfortable troubleshooting any problems that may arise. If pursuing a dialysis tech career interests you then the next step is to find a program to enroll in. Through a training program you can obtain the necessary skills and qualifications to pursue a career as a dialysis technician.

Dialysis Patient Care Technician training program at Dorsey College

The Dialysis Patient Care Technician diploma program at Dorsey College combines classroom instruction with hands-on training (including an externship) to provide students with the opportunity to master the specific skills and duties that are necessary to properly assist patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment.

Training in the Dorsey College Dialysis Patient Care Technician program includes:

  • An introduction to the interpersonal, communication, and basic clinical skills required in caring for patients with acute/ chronic renal disease who are undergoing dialysis treatment.
  • Exposure to the techniques for operating, monitoring, and disinfecting dialysis equipment and machines while observing policies/procedures of facilities as well as Federal and State Regulations.
  • The opportunity to develop and master direct skills necessary for success in this role (including observation, education, taking vital signs, injections, blood draws, ECGs, and more), all while monitoring patient comfort and safety.
  • An elective externship option at the end of the training program, which provides actual clinical experience in a medical facility and professional exposure. Elective course options include the Medical Assistant Externship, the Patient Care Technician Externship or the Dialysis Patient Care Technician Externship. Externship course and site selection are dependent on externship site availability and therefore will be determined by Dorsey College.

The Dorsey College Dialysis Patient Care Technician program is offered at the Wayne, MI (branch campus of Madison Heights) and Madison Heights, MI (Main campus) campuses.

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