5 things you can learn in baking classes

baking classes

Do you plan on opening your bakery one day? Or maybe you’d just like to learn baking for fun? Whatever it may be, baking classes are the first step toward becoming a pro baker! As much as we’d like to assume we know most things about baking, baking is really an art, and a science. There is a lot of learning that goes on in baking and pastry arts classes, let’s take a look at 5 things you could learn in a baking class:

  • Baking bread
  • Baking and decorating cakes
  • Baking fundamentals
  • Pastry work
  • Measurement and conversion

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Baking bread

Baking bread may look quite intimidating from afar. That’s why it may be one of the first skills taught at a baking school. Baking good bread is all about refining the basics. First, you may be introduced to what using different flours does to the bread. After which the importance of water temperature, proper kneading, and storage are also covered. Lastly, tips on how to keep the bread fresh for as long as possible will help you in your future business endeavors! As your class progresses, you may be exposed to baking different types of bread, croissants, cakes, and pastries.

Baking fundamentals

Baking is all about timing. You need to combine all the ingredients and manage to mix them all well without stirring them too much. Over-stirring can cause your baked goods to turn hard, so stirring must be monitored wisely by a baker. Then, comes preheating the oven beforehand, and regulating the temperature. All in all, perfectly baked goods are a result of carefully timed baking processes.

Baking and decorating cakes

Nobody’s going to be whipping out perfect cookies, biscuits, macaroons, or croissants, the first time around. Besides, mastering skills such as piping techniques, bread baking or fondant cakes take lots of patience and artistic skills. However, if you practice enough, you’ll be nailing all the necessary baking techniques in no time. Because the difference between being completely new at something and then mastering it is practice. When you do something over and over again, you’re bound to get good at it; it’s science!

When baking is so dependent upon scheduled timing and careful monitoring, organization becomes key. Having a prepared baking station, with utensils and ingredients that have been pre-measured is the best way to ensure there won’t be any undue delay. This is called “Mise en place”, which is a concept often referred to in baking and cooking. “Mise en Place” is French for having an organized workspace.

Pastry work

Once you’re through with cakes, pastry making is the next skill you must master! Although it may seem like pastries and cakes fall under the same category; they most definitely are very different. Baking cakes requires one to manage leaveners, flour, sugar, butter, and oils to whip out a perfect cake. On the other hand, pastry making is the game of managing mostly butter and other oils with flour. This is what gives it a delicate texture. While in baking classes, you can learn all about how to master a cake’s delicate consistency and make delicious pastries.

Measurement and conversion

Suppose you miss out on adding the correct amount of baking soda, eggs, or other rising agents. The results of your baking will then be very disappointing. Similarly, the difference between a golden-brown crumble and a chewy solid overcooked outside of a cake is merely minutes! A good baking course will always emphasize paying attention to measurements and proper conversions when it comes to baking.

Great cake-baking classes will have teachers that break down little details in your baking that were fruitful and those that still need work. They can also help you order and arrange your work. So, you’ll be able to bake, mix up a frosting recipe and decorate a cake; all at the same time! Because when you’re a pastry chef catering big orders, there’s very little room for mistakes. So, a good cooking school won’t only make you into a better cook or baker, they can help you prepare for the business world as well.


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