Steps to Become a Cosmetologist in Michigan
How to become a cosmetologist
Are you passionate about all things beauty and want to pursue a career in Cosmetology? Have you been looking for an outlet to tap into your creative side and embrace your artistry? If you answered “Yes!”  then you are in the right place to learn how to become a cosmetologist!... Read more
How to Get a Michigan Cosmetology License
How to Get a Michigan Cosmetology License
Before you can start your exciting new career as a cosmetologist in Michigan, you must first obtain your cosmetology license. You might be wondering “How do I get a Michigan Cosmetology License?” This process begins with choosing and completing a Cosmetology Program and then passing the necessary exam to obtain... Read more
Summer Hair Tips and Trends 2017
Spring Into Summer Hair Trends
Summer is heating up and so are summer hair trends! Everyone seems to be more active as the days grow longer and brighter. Summer haircuts need to look good enough to take you from sunlit brunches to warm evenings on the town! What are the hottest trends in summer hair?... Read more