How to Get a Michigan Cosmetology License

How to Get a Michigan Cosmetology License

Before you can start your exciting new career as a cosmetologist in Michigan, you must first obtain your cosmetology license. You might be wondering “How do I get a Michigan Cosmetology License?” This process begins with choosing and completing a Cosmetology Program and then passing the necessary exam to obtain your license.

If you’re still wondering “how to choose a cosmetology program,” don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you’re ready to exercise your creativity, and make people feel great, keep reading to learn how to get a cosmetology license in Michigan.

Cosmetology License Requirements in Michigan

Cosmetology license requirements in the state of Michigan may vary from other states. Aspiring cosmetologists are typically required to attend and successfully graduate from a state-approved school.

After graduation, students take a licensing exam composed of written and practical components. Once you pass the exam, you are closer to starting your cosmetology career! With this end goal in mind, it’s important to enroll in a state-approved school that could help prepare you for the exam and the duties and responsibilities that come along with being a cosmetologist.

Where and How to Get a Michigan Cosmetology License

Cosmetologists must be licensed by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (1). You can apply for your license online here. In order to receive your license by passing the exam, you must first have:

  • Completed either not less than a 1,500-hour course of study in a licensed school of cosmetology


  • Have served as an apprentice for not less than 2 years in a licensed cosmetology establishment in which hair care services, skin care services, and manicuring services are offered

How Long Does it Take to Get a Cosmetology License in Michigan?

Have you been concerned with how long it could take to earn your Michigan Cosmetology license? Don’t be! You could receive your cosmetology license sooner than you think. Many cosmetology schools or programs are designed to be completed in around one year.

Attending a cosmetology program allows students to receive in-depth training while they learn how to navigate the beauty industry. After successful completion of a qualified beauty program, you could be eligible to sit for the licensing exam.

Cosmetology License Renewal in Michigan

Michigan requires you to renew your license every 2 years by applying online. The license expiration dates may vary, so be sure to check the license for the expiration month. The application renewal fee is $48, a renewal reminder may be sent to your address 30-45 days prior to expiration.

Cosmetology License Transfer in Michigan

If your current cosmetology license is from another state, or the licensure requirements are not close to the standards imposed by the state of Michigan, you will be required to pass the practical and/or theory exam.²

For those with a license from another state with similar requirements, Michigan may grant a license transfer.²

Work experience may also be an advantage for those whose states do not meet Michigan’s requirements. In Michigan, 6 months of work experience is worth 100 hours of training.

The cost to transfer your cosmetology license to Michigan is currently $39.²

The Cosmetology Program at Dorsey College

If earning your cosmetology license is one of your goals for 2022, get focused by enrolling at Dorsey College! We have convenient locations throughout Metro Detroit for students to learn and develop their craft.

At Dorsey College, the Cosmetology program is student-focused. In addition to program instruction, tuition includes books, cosmetology school supplies (a program kit), and a uniform. Students have the opportunity to practice real-world application in our supervised beauty clinics while preparing for life on the job. Those looking to attend a Michigan Cosmetology school can expect the program to be at least 1500 hours – which takes about one year.

After graduating from Dorsey College’s Cosmetology program,  a student has had the opportunity to obtain the training required to challenge the exam and receive your Michigan Cosmetology License.

Our Cosmetology program has been deemed sufficient by the state of Michigan to fulfill all educational requirements for licensure. No educational determinations have been made for any other state, district, or US territory in regards to licensure requirements. Stop putting your cosmetology dreams on hold!

Make this the year you move forward with your goals and begin training at Dorsey College. It could be a step forward towards pursuing your Michigan cosmetology license

Cosmetology School at Dorsey School of Beauty

Dorsey School of Beauty, located in Taylor, MI, is a sister school of Dorsey College.  Dorsey School of Beauty in Taylor, MI is institutionally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).