become a lpn
Steps to become a LPN
If you have a caring heart, a desire to help people, and often find yourself pouring love into those in need, consider becoming an LPN! An LPN is a fully qualified entry-level nurse. LPNs often serve under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses. As integral members of healthcare teams,... Read more
lpn vs rn
Does the nursing field intrigue you? Have you considered a nursing career but are unsure whether to get an LPN or an RN license? Licensed practical nurses (LPN) and registered nurses (RN) both work to support patient care and play a vital role in the healthcare industry. There are many... Read more
What is a LPN Nurse?
What is a LPN Nurse
What is a LPN Nurse Being a Licensed practical nurse (LPN) is for those who are caring, compassionate, and wish to dive right into their career and begin helping others. Becoming an LPN could be the perfect opportunity for you to get into the healthcare field faster while giving yourself... Read more
nursing study skills
Nursing Study Skills | Dorsey College
Have you always wanted to pursue a career in Nursing?  If you answered yes, congratulations.  Nursing is among the most honorable professions one can enter.  Before you begin your new career though, you must obtain the proper education and pass the NCLEX.  As a nursing student, making your way through... Read more