American Heart Month 2017
Dorsey Schools Celebrates American Heart Month 2017
February is known as American Heart Month.  It’s time set aside by the American Heart Association to raise awareness around the importance of good heart health.  American Heart Month has been celebrated since 1964.  In that year, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared February as American Heart Month. Dorsey Schools Celebrates... Read more
4 Things Clients Really Want in A Hairstylist
4 Things Clients Really Want in a Hairstylist
Clients look for key traits in a hair stylist. These traits distinguish top beauty professionals in Michigan from average beauty specialists. Keep reading to discover the four things that could set you apart as a beauty specialist. Hair Stylist Influence Goes Outside Salon Boundaries Let’s quickly explore how important the... Read more
Holiday Parades in Metro Detroit
Holiday Parades in Metro Detroit 2016
Happy Holidays!  It’s the time of year when holiday festivities come into full swing. What better way to celebrate than with fun-filled seasonal activities? Holiday Parades in the Metro Detroit Area 2016 In order to help you all get into the spirit of the season, we have captured a list... Read more