5 Tips for Students Taking Online Classes to Stay Connected

5 tips for Online Classes

Over the past few weeks, many schools have moved their students to online classes. While taking online classes offers many benefits, it can also cause some unease with students. Never fear though, we are here to help! Today we are laying out five tips for students taking online classes to stay connected. Staying connected in school is very important regardless. When you are taking online classes though, it is especially important since there is some distance between you and your instructor and classmates. Check out our blog below to learn more about how you can stay connected during your online classes.

Attending ALL Your Online Classes

The first tip for students taking online classes to stay connected is making sure you attend each class. One of the benefits of online classes is the flexibility to join from anywhere (you have an internet connection). With this flexibility though may come to a temptation. Students may find it easier to miss a class here and there. Do not do it! Resist the urge to miss a class! Attending every class when you are taking online classes is especially important. You want to make sure you do not fall behind. In addition, your attendance shows your teacher that you are serious about your class and committed to your success.

Participate in Discussions

Many online classes will have some sort of discussion component. This may take place during the class itself or outside of class. Regardless, make sure you participate! These discussions provide you with an outlet to stay connected. It gives you a chance to communicate with your instructor as well as your classmates. In addition, these discussions can also be very beneficial to your learning. People can share their experiences and perspectives in these discussions. Their input may be different from your own and it may cause you to think differently about a topic. Seize the chance to take part in these discussions. You may end up learning more than you would have thought otherwise.

Ask Questions

As a student, sometimes it is a little scary to ask questions. We do not want our question to sound silly. We may be worried that we are the only one who does not understand. We have all been there. It is always okay to ask questions though. After all, that is how we learn! It is especially important for students in online classes to ask questions. In online classes, your teacher may not always be able to ‘see’ that you have a question (based on the look on your face). Because of that, if you have a question, you want to ensure you ask. In addition, with any class (online or not), you want to make sure you have your questions answered before moving on. Otherwise, you could fall behind and miss important info.

Use Technology

Technology has helped us improve the way we live our lives in so many ways. In regards to taking online classes, this is especially true. With online classes, you not only have the chance to attend class from just about anywhere, but you also have new ways to communicate with others. In order to stay connected during your online classes, make use of the technology around you. This could include apps such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom to speak with your teacher or classmates. Also, don’t forget about texting and email. Using all of the technology tools at your disposal can help you stay connected during your online classes.

Reach Out to Others

Lastly, in order to stay connected during your online classes, aim to reach out to others. This includes both your instructor as well as your classmates. Reaching out to your instructor lets them know you are present. It also provides a direct line of communication should you need help. Reaching out to your classmates can be helpful too. Developing these relationships can help if you have a question down the road, or perhaps if you are looking for a study partner. It can also be motivated to speak with and stay connected with others in your class. Remember, we are all in this together!

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