How To Become A Licensed Massage Therapist in Michigan
How to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in Michigan
Are you considering pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist? If so, congratulations! A career as a Massage Therapist can be both rewarding and challenging. However, before you can enter the field you need to obtain licensure.  Becoming licensed is required in most states, including here in Michigan. Below we... Read more
Allied Healthcare Careers in Michigan
For many considering Medical Training, it’s not uncommon for them to wonder, “Is Healthcare a good field to enter?” and “What types of jobs are available in healthcare?”  Here at Dorsey Schools, we are committed to providing our students with  training programs to prepare students for allied healthcare careers in... Read more
Five Myths about Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy has been used around the world throughout history. Even now, in the 21st Century, interest and intrigue around the field of massage therapy continues to grow. In addition, it would be no surprise if more and more people are partaking in massage therapy training in hopes of pursuing... Read more
9 Benefits of Medical Training Programs
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a, employment of Medical Assistants is projected to grow 23% from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than average for all occupations. The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget shares that jobs for healthcare support occupations could experience a projected 18.1%... Read more