Is Massage Therapy School Difficult?

Is Massage Therapy School Difficult?

Is Massage Therapy School Difficult?

Sometimes the body needs renewal and healing, and luckily, massage therapists know what to do when it comes to relieving stress, relaxing the body, and starting the healing process in muscle tissue.

Now more than ever, whether it be from increased stress at work or about life in general, strain from working out or being a sports player, Massage Therapists have never been needed more to aid in the recovery of mind, body, and spirit.

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How hard is massage therapy school?

Pursuing an education can be rewarding but challenging. Still, when you have a passion for the field, entering those intense moments can become valuable lessons that you can cherish for life.

The curriculum at massage therapy school is usually demanding but exciting as it often requires student engagement and meaningful hands-on experiences. As an aspiring massage therapist, you often become involved in your learning instead of just being told what to do.

Here is a checklist to review to see if the style of learning an aspiring Massage Therapist experiences is for you:

  • Hands-on learning experiences
  • Visual learning with instructions
  • Motivated and enthusiasm to learn new techniques
  • Great communication skills
  • Ready to hit the books to understand learned concepts and foundational knowledge (such as anatomy) more in depth
  • Prepare for a certification or licensure process (depending upon where you end up practicing)

At Dorsey College our students’ success at learning is our top priority. We work with our students and ensure they can get the most out of our program as long as they have the drive and desire to learn.

What Qualities Do I Need to Become A Massage Therapist?

As a massage therapist, you deal with a lot of people and the work is all about client satisfaction. Successful massage therapists often possess some of the qualities below. The way you carry yourself could determine your success. Any good massage therapist should have these qualities:

  • Empathy – Helping build trusting connections with those in their care by focusing on the patient’s point of view.
  • Passion– Intense enthusiasm and excitement for what you do. You carry a “whatever it takes” mentality to satisfy your patients’ needs.
  • Professional Attitude– As a professional massage therapist, you should know that you may be working with various personalities. It is important to have thick skin and not easily get offended by what people say and do. Remember, client satisfaction is priority, and go through the process with grace.
  • Positive Attitude– Have a positive mental outlook of optimism, expect good things to happen, and plan for a great day.
  • Open Mind – Receptiveness to new ideas and trends, respecting the views of others and their knowledge, taking constructive criticism, and using it to improve your skills.

A career in massage therapy is a rewarding career. These are some traits a professional massage therapist should have in the massage industry.

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What Challenges may I face in Massage Therapy School?

There may be a lot of learning during a massage therapy program. Not only will there be hands-on exercises but there may be some book studying required as well. Here are some of the areas you may be required to study.

  •   Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology- Entry-level massage therapists must recognize how muscles work together and affect one another. Through the intro to anatomy and physiology, different muscle groups can be labeled and comprehended in how they function.
  •   Massage Techniques– Different massage techniques are essential because no one style will be appropriate to all clients. When you pursue a career in massage therapy, it is necessary to know all methods because massaging techniques can be customized to a patient’s needs as far as age, condition, special needs, goals, etc. The more massage therapy techniques you know, the more people you can help.
  •   Kinesiology – The study of movement and bones in the human body. An aspiring massage therapist must know kinesiology to identify weak muscles to correct various issues and ailments. With kinesiology, a massage therapist can work on any muscle group to aid relaxation, loosen contracted muscles, and soothe an overworked body.

Should I Become a Massage Therapist?

If you have the passion and drive to become a massage therapist, you should pursue a path to become one! Like any craft, you will need to practice, learn, and grow, but passion may make it much more enjoyable and manageable.

Let Dorsey College help you on your journey to becoming a massage therapist. By learning and understanding what is expected in massage therapy school, you can know what to expect to determine your level of challenge while you attend a massage therapy school.

The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done but are the ones that get accomplished through perseverance and dedication.

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The Dorsey College Massage Therapy curriculum fulfills the educational requirements for licensure in the state of Michigan. Dorsey College has determined that its Massage Therapy program curriculum is sufficient to fulfill educational requirements for licensure in the State of Michigan only. No educational determinations have been made for any other state, district or US territory in regards to licensure requirements.