If you are ever wheeled into an operating room, there is a team of healthcare professionals at the ready, prepared to tend to patients during surgical procedures. Surgical Technologists are critical members of the surgical team who support and assist surgeons and nurses, while also providing patient care, as needed.

At Dorsey College, we offer a Surgical Technologist program for those interested in pursuing a career in this area of healthcare. Students will have the opportunity to learn on a hands-on environment, while being exposed to the knowledge needed to become a Surgical Technologist. The team at Dorsey College is prepared to help you develop the skills needed to pursue your new career in healthcare while you pursue your surgical technologist degree.

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If you are looking for “surgical technologist programs in Michigan,” Dorsey College can help you in your journey. The Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology program is offered at the following Dorsey College campus location:

Dorsey College - Roseville, MI, Campus (A branch campus of Madison Heights)


Dorsey College’s Surgical Technologist degree program

The surgical tech program at Dorsey College consists of general courses that will help set a solid foundation for your education. Specialized courses are also included in the surgical technologist degree program, designed to prepare you for future success on the job.

At Dorsey College, this surgical technologist degree program has been designed to be completed in just two years. That means you can train in a relatively short amount of time in order to pursue your new career as a surg tech.

General Education Courses

General education courses in the surgical technologist degree program include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology with Advanced Medical Terminology
  • English Composition
  • Mathematical Concepts
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Ethical Principles
  • Pathology for Health Professions
  • Medical Microbiology

The specialized courses in the surgical tech program are designed specifically to introduce you to surgical technology with an emphasis on safety and patient care. Topics include instrumentation, pharmacology for the surgical technologist, surgical procedures coupled with clinical training, and a capstone course.

Specialized Courses

Specialized courses in the surgical technologist degree program include:

  • The Surgical Patient
  • Introduction to Surgical Technology
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Surgical Technology I
  • Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist
  • Surgical Procedures I and II
  • Surgical Practicum I, II, and III
  • Surgical Technology Capstone

Hybrid Approach To Learning

The Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology program at Dorsey College is delivered in a hybrid format. That means you will have some of your classes delivered online via distance education, and others will take place on campus where you can benefit from hands-on training. It’s the best of both worlds and offers our students even more flexibility as they train for their new career.

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What you can learn in the surgical technologist training

Surgical technologist training is typically a 2-year commitment, that results in a student earning an associate degree upon successfully completing their program. Surgical technologist classes are designed to cover both the knowledge and skills needed for success in the profession. For example, topics such as microbiology, pathology, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology help set a strong foundation for students. In addition, during surgical technologist classes, students may expect to learn about various surgical procedures, surgical instrumentation, and providing safe and effective care to surgical patients.

Hands-On Training

Since surgical techs work closely with patients and given the importance of procedures that happen in an operating room, it is vital to choose a surgical technologist training program that has a strong hands-on component. Hands-on training offered at a surgical technologist school may take place on-campus as well as during clinical training.

Students who choose Dorsey College for their surgical technologist training will benefit from both classroom instruction as well as hands-on training. Our program has been skillfully designed to layer in clinical training during the practicum courses. During practicum, students will have the opportunity to observe surgical procedures in real time. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned during their surgical technologist classes.

Prepare to Become a Certified Surgical Technologist

At the conclusion of a surgical technologist training program, students may also have the opportunity to challenge a certification exam. Pursuing certification is recommended, because it can show prospective employers that you have invested in your education and you possess knowledge and skills necessary to work in the field.

During the Surgical Technology Capstone course, students at Dorsey College will have the opportunity to prepare to challenge a certification exam as well as develop skills and strategies to pursue their new career. Dorsey College encourages all students/graduates to pursue applicable certifications. However, Dorsey College makes no promise or guarantee of an individual’s outcome on a certification exam or their ability to attain certification with a registering body.

Your career opportunities after successfully graduating from a surgical tech program!

Pursuing your new career once you have finished surgical technologist school is an exciting step in your journey! Surgical techs are most often found working in hospitals and surgical centers. Surgical techs should possess stamina, as the role typically requires them to stand for extended periods of time.

A surgical technologist may work under various occupational titles. Some of these include:

  • Surgical Technologist
  • Certified Surgical Technologist
  • Operating Room Technologist (or Technician)
  • Surgical Scrub Technologist (or Technician)
  • Surgical Technician

The most common title is surgical technologist, but this may vary based on the employer or the specific role.

Surgical Technologist Job Duties

Surgical technologist job duties may vary based on a number of factors including where they work and their level of experience. Some of the typical surgical technologist job duties may include:

  • Count and prepare materials and instruments before and after operations.
  • Provide assistance to surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare staff in the operating room.
  • Prepare, care for, and dispose of tissue specimens gathered for lab testing.
  • Prepare dressings and bandages.
  • Apply or assist with the application of dressing or bandages after surgery.
  • Order and maintain surgical supplies.
  • Observe the vital signs and physical conditions of the patient.
  • Maintain files and records.
  • Maintain a sterile field during surgical procedures.
  • Wash and sterilize equipment.
  • Hand instruments and supplies to surgeons during procedures.
  • Perform duties as instructed by surgeons in the operating room.

Surgical techs are an essential member of an operating room team. They serve a vital role in assisting doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals during surgical procedures.

Career Services Assistance from Dorsey College

Attending a surgical technologist program can prepare you for your new career as a surgical tech. At Dorsey College, we are committed to helping our students by not only providing them with comprehensive training, but also assisting them in launching their new career. Dorsey College provides career services assistance to all program completers; however, job placement is not guaranteed.

If you are ready to begin pursuing your career as a surgical technologist, contact Dorsey College to learn how you can begin your training in the Associate of Applied Science of Surgical Technology program today!

Surgical Technologist Program FAQs

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