Advantages of Hybrid Learning

Advantages of Hybrid Learning

Are you looking for a way to train for a new career while juggling all of your responsibilities and commitments in your schedule?  Training in a hybrid learning program may be the answer.  Hybrid learning programs offer a variety of advantages.  Today we’re sharing some of the advantages of hybrid learning.  Students can benefit from these (and perhaps more) when learning in a hybrid environment.  Continue reading below to learn more!

If you haven’t heard of hybrid learning before, or maybe you’ve heard the term used, but don’t know what it means, you can learn more about it by reading our blog “What is Hybrid Learning?”

1. Increased flexibility

The first advantage of hybrid learning that we’re going to talk about today is increased flexibility.  Hybrid learning programs usually contain some sort of an online component.  This means students should be able to attend their online class wherever they can access a reliable internet connection.  Going to class online allows students a great sense of flexibility when fitting school into the rest of their schedule.

2. Reduced commute time to school

Hand in hand with increased flexibility, another advantage of hybrid learning is the reduced commute time to school.  When you attend classes online, you do away with the time spent getting to and from school.  This is true whether you are driving yourself, car pooling with someone, or taking the bus.  If you are driving yourself, you will be able to save a bit on gas, and that’s a bonus as well!

3. Minimize distractions

Some have found that hybrid learning also allows them to minimize distractions.  This is because there may not be other students sitting next to them and they would not be exposed to the typical sights and sounds within a physical classroom, which, let’s face it, can be distracting from time to time.  Along these lines though, if you are taking classes in a hybrid format, you will want to make sure you attend your online classes in an environment where you can minimize distractions, both for yourself as well as others in the virtual classroom.

4. You get the best of both worlds

With hybrid learning, another advantage is that you get variety in how your classes are delivered.  This is because some classes (typically lecture-oriented classes) may be delivered in an online classroom.  Other classes, such as those that require hands-on practice or training, may be facilitated in person.  It really allows for the best of both worlds.  You can enjoy all of the benefits associated with online learning, such as greater flexibility, while still getting some hands-on training/education and/or face time in a traditional setting.

5. You can develop other skills

Believe it or not, an advantage to taking part in hybrid learning may be helping you develop other skills as well.  For example, those who take part in online classes (whether completely online or in a hybrid environment) must have discipline.  This is required to ensure they stay up-to-speed on all of the material being covered in classes.  In addition, hybrid learning can help you strengthen your communication skills in a new way.  When we think about communication, it’s natural to think about speaking with someone in person.  Communicating with a person online though is slightly different, and with more work activities moving online, it’s good to have this added practice and hone this skill.

There you have it!  We have presented five advantages of hybrid learning.  If you are thinking about furthering your education, you should certainly give some thought to hybrid learning.  There are many benefits to this mode of education, including those mentioned above and more.  We wish you the best in your educational journey!

Hybrid Training Programs at Dorsey College

For those living in the Metro Detroit, MI or Saginaw, MI area and wish to train for a new career, Dorsey College offers several hybrid training programs to choose from.  The programs at Dorsey College have been skillfully designed to present students with the knowledge and skills needed in order to pursue a new career.  While programs will vary by campus, Dorsey College delivers several of its programs in hybrid format, including:

If you’re interested in training to pursue a new career, contact Dorsey College today to learn more about our hybrid training programs.  Classes start soon!