registered nurse career
Registered Nurse Career Guide
A major reason for choosing a registered nurse career is the variety of career options. Graduates who pass the NCLEX-RN exam can pursue specialties and job positions that align with their goals and interests. It’s a great career choice for people who enjoy a fast-paced work environment where no two... Read more
how to become a registered nurse
How To Become A Registered Nurse
Becoming a registered nurse can be a rewarding and challenging career path! Registered nurses (RNs) provide patient care, and perform tasks such as administering medication, recording medical histories, and assisting physicians with medical procedures. If helping others and working in the fast-paced environment of healthcare appeals to you, then becoming... Read more
what do registered nurses do
What do registered nurses do?
Have you ever wondered “what do registered nurses do?” Perhaps you’re considering becoming a registered nurse (RN) but want to discover more about this healthcare profession. It’s safe to say that a registered nurse’s duties are a key component in ensuring hospitals and medical facilities across the nation operate seamlessly... Read more
nursing study skills
Nursing Study Skills | Dorsey College
Have you always wanted to pursue a career in Nursing?  If you answered yes, congratulations.  Nursing is among the most honorable professions one can enter.  Before you begin your new career though, you must obtain the proper education and pass the NCLEX.  As a nursing student, making your way through... Read more