benefits of a pharmacy technician career
Pharmacy Technician Career Guide
Pharmacy technicians play a vital role on the care teams in pharmacies or hospitals. They help with distributing medications to people who need it. They communicate often with pharmacists, patients, and other healthcare workers. No two days are the same. To be a pharmacy technician, you must have specific education... Read more
where do pharmacy technicians work
Where do Pharmacy Technicians Work?
While a doctor pinpoints correct diagnosis and treatment, the healthcare system would be incomplete without a licensed pharmacist and pharmacy technicians processing insurance claims and identifying and handling medications for patients. Pharmacy Technicians hold a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They’re responsible for assisting Pharmacists, filling and labeling prescriptions,... Read more
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What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do?
You definitely won’t be confined to a desk if you work as a pharmacy technician. In fact, people fill pharmacy tech jobs at pharmacies located in grocery stores, hospitals, general merchandise stores, and department stores. Regarding work responsibilities, think broadly when you consider what do pharmacy technicians do. Qualities of A... Read more
If You Enjoyed Chemistry Class, Keep Reading
If you’ve ever taken prescription medication, you’re probably familiar with the level of detail on every prescription drug label. These labels list not only the exact amount of medication inside the bottle, but also the active ingredients, the proper way to administer the drug, and the recommended frequency of dosage... Read more