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How a Pharmacy Technician Program Can Help You Pursue Your New Career

How a Pharmacy Technician Program Can Help You Pursue Your New Career

You have great customer service skills.  You’re organized and good with details.  You want more though.  You are ready to move on from having just a ‘job’ and start building a career for yourself.  Pursuing a career as a Pharmacy Technician in the healthcare field could be right for you!  How might you get started on the path to your new career?  While there is no single defined path to become a Pharmacy Technician, many choose training programs to help them prepare.  So, we’re breaking down how a pharmacy technician program can help you pursue your new career.  Continue reading below to learn more!

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A Pharmacy Technician Program Can Introduce You to the Field

One of the ways a Pharmacy Technician Program can help you pursue your new career is by introducing you to the field.  These topics may include medical workplace skills, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology that is specific to the role of a Pharmacy Tech.  You may also be exposed to the use and side effects of various medications.  Some programs may also introduce students to the ethics and laws applicable to the role of a pharmacy tech.  Check and see if there is a program overview of the options you are considering to make sure the one you choose sets you up for success.  Don’t underestimate the importance of this information.  These topics (and more) can help set the foundation of success for an entry level pharmacy technician.

A Pharmacy Technician Program Can Help You Develop Your Skills

Another benefit of a Pharmacy Technician Program is that it can help you develop your skills.  In fact, there are a variety of ways an aspiring pharmacy tech can improve their skills in a training program.  For example, programs will often expose students to the skills needed for success on the job as a pharmacy tech.  This may include things like assisting with filling and dispensing medications, billing insurance companies, preparing medications, and compounding.  These are all important technical skills for a pharmacy tech to master.  Equally important though, a pharmacy tech must have great soft skills.  Soft skills include how you interact with other and maintain relationships.  Pharmacy techs work with a variety of individuals – not just pharmacists and customers.  They may also interact with healthcare providers and insurance companies.  Along with soft skills, great customer service skills are necessary for pharmacy technicians.  Education programs can help you develop and strengthen these skills.

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A Pharmacy Technician Program Can Help You Transition from the Classroom to Your New Career

You started on this journey with a goal in mind.  That goal is to jumpstart your new career as a pharmacy tech.  As a result, a Pharmacy Technician Program can help you transition from the classroom to your new career.  There are a variety of things a Pharmacy Technician may do to help students make this transition easier.  For example, some education programs may help their students prepare for a pharmacy technician certification exam.  Others may offer an externship.  This experience can be valuable because students have the opportunity to work in settings like retail pharmacies with licensed pharmacists applying the knowledge and skills they have learned in their program.  Lastly, Pharmacy Technician programs may be able to offer students and graduates career services assistance.  This may include help with building a resume, going through mock interviews, and exploring various opportunities.  As you look at various pharmacy tech education programs, make sure you choose one that is going to partner with you as you pursue your new career.

Pharmacy Technician program | Dorsey College

The hybrid pharmacy technician program at Dorsey College strives to prepare students to work in an ambulatory pharmacy providing support to licensed pharmacists.  Common Pharm Techs duties such as assisting in the filling of prescriptions, assisting in the dispensing of medications, billing insurance companies, preparing medications, maintaining inventory, and providing excellent customer service are also covered. Students participate in an externship during the last module of training, providing industry

experience and professional exposure. Completion of this pharmacy technician program is designed to prepare students to challenge a national certification exam.  Licensure as a Pharmacy Technician is required in the State of Michigan for employment in this field.  Dorsey College has determined that its Pharmacy Technician program curriculum is sufficient to fulfill educational requirements for licensure in the State of Michigan only. No educational determinations have been made for any other state, district or US territory in regards to licensure requirements.

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