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As we are self-isolating, we are all trying to adapt to a new way of living. This often means finding new ways to do things that we did not have to think too much about in the past. One of these things could be hair care. It was not too long ago that if we wanted a haircut, we would just make an appointment with our stylist. However, what do we do now, since hair salons are not open? How do we keep our hair in tiptop shape until we can get back to see our stylist? Well, you are in luck! We recently caught up with Mr. Jason Camilleri, Associate Director of Cosmetology at our Dorsey School of Beauty Taylor campus. He gave us four hair care tips while we are self-isolating. These were so helpful; we had to share them with all of you! Check them out below.

Shampoo Your Hair with Lukewarm Water

Our first hair tip, while you are self-isolating, involves shampooing your hair with lukewarm water. Who doesn’t love a nice hot shower? Most of us do, right? Well, Mr. J tells us that may not be the best thing when it comes to our hair. “Unfortunately, you may be doing more damage to your hair than you may think. I suggest using lukewarm water to keep your hair from drying out. Using hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils, thus causing your hair to appear dry and dull. P.S., Your skin will thank you too.” So next time you jump in the shower, remember to keep the water on lukewarm when it comes to washing your hair!

Condition Your Hair

Our next hair care tip involves conditioning your hair. Mr. J shares with us that conditioning is very important for your hair’s health. “It is important when conditioning your hair to apply the condition to the area that will benefit the most. The mid-shaft and end will need to be the primary focus for any conditioning treatment. Typically, you would avoid applying conditioner to the root area due to the scalp producing sebum (oil). I suggest using a wide-tooth comb to distribute the conditioner evenly through the mid-shaft and ends of your hair. Regarding how long you should leave any conditioning treatment, I recommend following the manufacturer’s directions for time.” Mr. J goes on to share a helpful tip for any of his students while they are conditioning their hair. “While you are waiting for your conditioning treatment to process. This would be a great time to get your Milady exam review book out and keep your focus on the finish line!

Air Dry Your Hair

Our third hair care time may seem like a no brainer to some. It involves air-drying your hair. Mr. J tells us why this is important; “Excessive heat can cause damage to your hair. I recommend air-drying your hair as often as you can. To achieve a beautiful beach wave style, I suggest applying mousse using scrunching techniques or your favorite styling product to your damp hair. If you were born in the 80s it time to break out the scrunch techniques. You’re welcome!

DO NOT Cut Your Own Hair

You cannot say you have not thought about this one. If you have not already, you may in the weeks ahead. Regardless, the last hair care tip Mr. J shared with us during these times of self-isolation is, DO NOT cut your own hair. “As a licensed cosmetologist, I have (and I’m sure you have) seen many YouTube videos of people attempting to cut their hair and/or bangs. I am partial to the videos of people cutting their bangs, it makes me laugh every time. Let’s weigh the options… (1) Do not cut your hair and grow that long beautiful hair you have always wanted, or (2) Cut your hair and when we are able to leave the house, you will spend the next 6-months explaining to everyone what happened to your hair. Therefore, have patience and do not make a decision you will need to explain all summer.

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