HVAC Tips While You Are Spending Extra Time at Home

hvac tips

We are all spending extra time at home these days. As a result, we are changing our surroundings to help us keep our routines as normal as possible. Since we are spending extra time at home, chances are good we may be using our HVAC system more than usual. It only seems natural, right? After all, this is Michigan in April. One day we wake up and it is cold outside, the next day it may be sunny and in the sixties. What are you to do?! Well, you are in luck. Our team compiled three simple HVAC tips while you are spending extra time at home. These HVAC tips can ensure you do not overwork your heating and cooling systems. Check them out below!

Keep Your Thermostat at a Steady Temperature

Our first HVAC tip, while you are spending more time at home, involves keeping your thermostat at a steady temperature. Comfort is very important for us. As we are spending more time at home, that also likely means we may be going to school from home or working from home. As a result, we want to make sure our workspace is comfortable. Part of this includes temperature control.

As we mentioned above, it is also important to note that this is springtime in Michigan. Temperatures can vary daily. So what should you do when it comes to adjusting your thermostat? Experts say it is best to keep your thermostat at a temperature and avoid the temptation of adjusting it frequently. When we adjust our thermostat (up or down) it often requires our heating or cooling system to ‘catch up’ to that temperature. In the end, this can be inefficient. Instead, consider keeping your thermostat at one temperature that you know will be safe and comfortable. Perhaps you put on a sweater or a sweatshirt during the day or add an extra blanket to your bed at night? Obviously, you want to make sure your home is safe and comfortable, but be careful not to overwork your system by adjusting your thermostat regularly.

Keep Air Vents in Your Home Clean

It seems simple, but keeping your air vents or registers in your home clean can make a difference in how your heating and cooling system performs. If your vents are blocked by furniture or become clogged by dust, it could prevent warm (or cool) air from entering your home. If the air cannot enter your home as easily, your heating and cooling systems will have to work harder to try to keep up with the temperature on your thermostat. Do not worry; you do not need any extensive equipment or processes here. Just make sure your vents are not obstructed by any furniture and they are free from dust and dirt. This may also improve the air quality in your home. If your vents or registers have a coating of dust or dirt on them, when your heating and cooling system pushes air into your house, it could be pushing that dust and dirt into the air you breathe.

Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly

Keeping your furnace filter clean is important for the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. While some guidance in terms of how often you should change your filter may vary, during times when your system is in regular use (like the winter months), your filter should be changed monthly. Since we are coming off the winter months, it is not a bad idea to check your filter and see if it needs to be changed. When you change your filter, make sure you get the appropriate size for your furnace (most filters will have the size on them). You can check the size of the old filter before buying a new one. If you live in an apartment or someone else’s home, you may want to check with the property owner to see if they change the furnace filter or if it is your responsibility as the tenant. Regardless, make sure your filter is changed regularly to avoid any performance issues with your heating and cooling system.

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