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is cosmetology school worth it

So you’ve decided to become a cosmetologist! You’re excited and motivated to pursue your cosmetology career but wonder, is cosmetology school worth it in the end? Could going to cosmetology school help you succeed in the beauty industry? The answer is, yes!

Attending beauty school could elevate your skills and give you the opportunity to stand out in the field. Through practical classes and dedication, you could qualify for licensure and build a career you love after passing the state exam. Those who desire to work in cosmetology are required to attend a Michigan state-approved program. If you want a career filled with beauty, enrolling in beauty school is a no brainer. Continue reading to discover how going to cosmetology school could be worth it for you!

The Beauty in Beauty School: Is Going to Cosmetology School Worth It?

You’ve asked the golden question, is beauty school worth it? Not only is attending classes worthwhile, but it’s also required. Without successfully graduating and becoming licensed, the state of Michigan will not allow individuals to pursue gainful employment in the cosmetology field. Going to cosmetology school is essential preparation for challenging the licensure exam and becoming a cosmetologist.

Another reason going to cosmetology school pays off is skill expansion. Clients want cosmetologists who know what they are doing. Beauty school is a great place to learn new trends, hone your skillset, and prepare for future success. Cosmetology programs offer a safe space for students to learn and practice textbook knowledge through hands-on application. Proper cosmetology training could also prepare you for an entry-level position in the beauty industry. Not only is cosmetology school worth it, but it could also be key to a beautiful career. Continue reading to discover cosmetology school tips and find a program that is right for you!

Cosmetology School Tips: How to Find Your Dream School

When obtaining an education, quality is just as important as attending. As you research cosmetology programs, there are certain qualifications to look for in a beauty school. Here are some cosmetology schools tips and questions to ask in your search:

  • Does the program offer hands-on training? Hands-on training could give you practical experience and expertise you could need in the real world.
  • Is the school accredited? Accreditation means the institution has met certain criteria and holds a level of excellence that educators and students appreciate.
  • Does the cosmetology school pay the cost for graduates to challenge the state licensure exam? Licensing fees can be expensive so this is a great plus when trying to gain licensure and launch your cosmetology career.
  • How long is cosmetology school in Michigan? The length of the program is important for those who want to get their money’s worth or jumpstart their career.

Asking thorough questions could help you find an excellent school and become a cosmetologist sooner than you think!

Time is Money: How long is cosmetology school in Michigan?

While many careers require years of formal education, becoming a licensed cosmetologist could be quick and effective. Going to cosmetology school is great for those who want to begin this career in a short amount of time. Aspiring cosmetologists could expect cosmetology programs to be at least 1500 hours long according to Michigan state regulations. After about one year of study, successfully graduating, and earning licensure, you could be on your way towards a cosmetology career.

What Can I do with a Cosmetology diploma?

We have already discussed that going to cosmetology school is a required and a helpful step on your career path, so getting your Cosmetology diploma can put you on the path towards pursuing your new career. Now it’s time to explore where graduating and becoming licensed could potentially lead to. Becoming a licensed cosmetologist could mean working in a salon, becoming a makeup artist, or choosing to be your own boss. Do you want to cut, color, and style hair? Are you an aspiring nail technician with attention to detail? The possibilities are endless! Going to cosmetology school is not only worth it, but an exciting opportunity for the creative cosmetologist within.

Your Next Step: Cosmetology training program at Dorsey College

Not only is cosmetology school worth it, but it could also be one of the most important decisions you make. That is why Dorsey College has designed our Cosmetology program with aspiring cosmetologists in mind. Our classroom and hands-on learning could be your stepping stone toward a bright future. In just over one year, you could be on your way towards becoming a licensed cosmetologist in Michigan! We offer our cosmetology program at the following convenient campus locations in Michigan:

With access to talented and caring instructors, you could learn invaluable techniques to help propel your career forward. Dorsey College has determined that its Cosmetology program curriculum is sufficient to fulfill educational requirements for licensure in the State of Michigan only. No educational determinations have been made for any other state, district or US territory in regards to licensure requirements. With our quality training program, you could bring beauty and artistry to the world around you. Now is the time to transform your passion and gift into a career you love.

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