National Kidney Month 2022

National Kidney Month 2022

March is National Kidney Month, and all of us here at Dorsey College want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of good kidney health.  According to the National Kidney Foundation, 1 in 3 Americans is at-risk for kidney disease. 1 Poor kidney health can result in a patient having to undergo dialysis treatment.  Dialysis Patient Care Technicians are professionals that help care for patients undergoing hemodialysis treatments.  During this National Kidney Month, we not only want to raise awareness around the important topic of good kidney health, but we also want to give a shout out to the great Dialysis Patient Care Technicians out there.

If you have been thinking about training for a new career in the healthcare field, becoming a Dialysis Patient Care Technician might be right for you.  Today we’re sharing some of our favorite blog posts from the past that talk about various aspects of becoming a Dialysis Patient Care Technician.  Check them out below to learn more.

Most Common Dialysis Patient Care Technician Duties

Have you wondered what types of duties a Dialysis Patient Care Technician performs most often?  Well, we have the answer for you!  Check out this blog where we’ll lay out some of the most common Dialysis Patient Care Technician duties.  You will get a glimpse into what a day in the life of a Dialysis Patient Care Technician could look like.  Check it out!

How to Become a Dialysis Patient Care Technician in 3 Easy Steps

If you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career as a Dialysis Patient Care Technician, but aren’t sure what to do next, this blog is for you!  Here we’re breaking down how to become a Dialysis Patient Care Technician in 3 easy steps.  That’s right!  Check this out to learn how you can take the steps needed towards pursuing your new career in healthcare!

7 Things That Really Great Dialysis Technicians Do

Now that we’ve talked about how to become a Dialysis Patient Care Technician and the duties a Dialysis Patient Care Technician may perform most often, let’s dive into some qualities they should possess.  In our blog, 7 Things That Really Great Dialysis Technicians Do, we’re talking about things that set some great Dialysis Technicians apart from the rest.  While some of these things may come natural to some, they are all certainly skills that can be learned and honed over time.  Continue reading this blog for more info on things you can do to be a great Dialysis Technician.

Dialysis Patient Care Technician training at Dorsey College

The hybrid Dialysis Patient Care Technician program at Dorsey College is designed to prepare graduates to work as a dialysis technician in dialysis facilities. Dialysis Techs are involved in the direct care of patients before, during, and after their dialysis procedure.  Dialysis Techs typically operate, monitor, and disinfect dialysis equipment and machines observing facility policies and procedures and Federal and State Regulations. During their training, students have the opportunity to develop communication, medical, and basic clinical skills required for the care of patients undergoing dialysis treatment.  In addition, students can perform direct patient care skills including observation, education, taking vitals, injections, blood draws, ECGs, and monitoring patient comfort and safety as part of their training. This comprehensive program includes training to safely operate dialysis equipment. Completion of this program also prepares students to challenge a national certification exam.

The Dialysis Patient Care Technician program is offered at the following Dorsey College campus locations:

Are you ready to begin your Dialysis Patient Care Technician training?  If so, contact Dorsey College today!