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Have you decided to become an electrical technician and wonder how you could potentially advance your new career? Look no further! As an aspiring electrical technician, you could advance your career through electrical technician courses!

Electrical technician classes could allow you to learn valuable skills and knowledge crucial for this important career. If you become an electrical technician, you could work in a variety of environments and different capacities from troubleshooting issues in households to wiring systems.

Taking electrical technician courses could help prepare you for a variety of responsibilities and situations. They could also help you learn about electrical systems you might be asked to fix. Enrolling in an electrical technician trade school could help move your career forward by offering you a clear understanding of electrical work and a hands-on learning experience. Keep reading to explore 3 ways that enrolling in electrical technician courses could help you accelerate your career in the electrical trade!

Power up your future with electrical technician courses in Michigan!

1. Learn basic skills and duties through electrical technician courses

The value of having a strong foundation for your career can not be overstated! Learning the basics of working in the electrical field, could not only allow you to advance your career but also help you succeed on the job. Through electrical technician classes, you could master basic skills that might be required for employment. These classes could prepare you to work in industrial, residential, construction, commercial, municipal, or utility industries.

  • Skills that are important to learn could include:
  • Fundamental knowledge of electrical work
  • Correct wire installation methods
  • Troubleshooting of wiring issues
  • Repairing electrical problems
  • Replacing, and maintaining a variety of electrical wiring, fixtures, equipment, and more!

A thorough understanding of these skills could help you on the job and build a solid foundation for your career. After completing the right electrical technician program, you could be prepared for everyday tasks and show potential employers you are the person for the job!

2. Hands-on learning through electrical technician courses

Hands-on training through an electrical technician trade school is a great way to advance your career. This type of training allows you to practice the skills mentioned above and prepare you for electrical tasks you might encounter. When exploring 1 year electrical courses and programs, it may be wise to choose one with hands-on training.

A learn by doing approach could give you experience operating specific types of equipment used in the electrical field. This could be done in a safe learning environment under the supervision of instructors with years of experience in the field. Through an electrical technician trade school, you could ask questions from experts and mix book knowledge with hands-on experience. Like the old adage says, “Practice makes perfect!

3. Learn vital qualities through an electrical technician trade school

Electrical technician courses can not only teach you how to perform basic tasks and common technical skills, but they can also strengthen core qualities you may need for career advancement! There are certain qualities employers desire in electrical technicians that make them better at their job. Enrolling in an electrical technician trade school could help you gain highly sought out qualities such as:

  • Communication skills – answer questions or concerns a customer might have in a professional and simple way.
  • Physical stamina – must be able to stand for long hours if needed or required.
  • Physical strength – many electrical components weigh over 50 pounds and other duties may also require heavy lifting.
  • Technical skills – may be required to use a variety of mechanical and diagnostic tools to install or repair equipment for which technical skills are needed.
  • Troubleshooting skills – recognize where the electrical problem is coming from in the equipment and correct the issue properly.

Are you ready to learn these helpful skills and become a knowledgeable electrical technician? An excellent electrical technician training program could reinforce these qualities and help advance your career in the electrical field!

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Have you been searching for “hands-on electrical training near me”? If you have, consider Dorsey Schools’ Electrical Technician program! Our program could help advance your electrical technician career through practical electrical technician courses! Learn about important topics such as:

  • Electrical grounding/circuitry
  • Electrical theory and safety
  • Branch circuit distribution
  • National Electrical Code
  • and much more!

Gaining a clear understanding of these topics could help you on the job and give you confidence as you perform common electrical tasks. Our instructors strive to teach these topics from a hands-on approach, allowing you to practice what you learn in a real-world setting. The Electrical Technician diploma program, designed with your success in mind, is offered at our Dearborn campus (a branch campus of Madison Heights). At Dorsey Schools, you could learn fundamental skills and important qualities to prepare you for your new career!

If you would like to attend a 1 year electrical course, Dorsey Schools offers an Electrical Technician program that could be completed in as little as 12 months! Advancing your career and becoming a skilled electrical technician has never been easier. Take the first step through electrical technician courses with Dorsey Schools!

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