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Is a Patient Care Technician Program Right For You?

Is a Patient Care Technician Program Right For You?

You don’t need to be a doctor or nurse to have a successful, fulfilling career in healthcare.  In fact, there are a few career paths someone could pursue and still make a positive impact while enjoying a rewarding career.  The role of a Patient Care Technician is one such path in the healthcare field where you can make an impact on the lives of others as part of your career.  You may be wondering though, what is a patient care technician, and is a patient care technician program right for me?  Patient care technicians play an essential role in the daily life of their patients.  PCTs perform a variety of duties in their role, but essentially, they assist patients with day-to-day activities and perform safe and effective care to patients.  If you are trying to determine if a patient care technician program is right for you, we are sharing some reasons why this might be a good path for you.  Continue reading below to see why pursuing training in a patient care technician program may be right for you.

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You’re a Caring Person Who Wants to Help Others

If you are a naturally caring person who enjoys helping others, pursuing a career in healthcare may be a good fit for you.  Specifically, though, you may want to choose a path that allows you to work closely with patients.  Sure, most healthcare professionals work with patients, but some may work more closely than others.  Patient care technicians are healthcare professionals who work closely with patients.  In fact, as we already said, PCTs play a vital role in helping patients with daily tasks and providing direct care to patients.  This may include, but is not limited to helping patients bathe, eat, and dress.  It may also involve measuring vital signs, ensuring patient comfort, and promoting a safe environment.  If you have a kind heart and wish to work in a position that allows you to work closely with and help others in need, a career as a patient care technician could be a very fulfilling career for you to pursue.

You Want to Pursue a Career in Healthcare, but Aren’t Sure How to Get Started

Some may choose to begin a patient care technician program and pursue this career as a way of getting started in the healthcare field.  Becoming a patient care technician is a good way to get firsthand knowledge and skills of providing basic patient care.  It’s also the type of role that may expose you to other healthcare professionals such as LPNs and RNs.  This could provide you with an opportunity to learn more about what they do daily.  With that information, you may be able to determine if you wish to pursue a career as a nurse one day.  Becoming a patient care technician can be a great stepping stone for those who know they want to work in the healthcare field but may be uncertain of what their next step or ultimate dream job may be.

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You Enjoy Variety in the Type of Work You Do

If finding a career that offers variety in the type of work you may do, becoming a patient care technician might be right for you.  We say this for a few reasons.  First, the duties a patient care technician performs can vary.  As we mentioned, they may perform a variety of different tasks.  That means that while there are some duties, you’re sure to complete regularly, how often or when you complete them could vary based on several factors.  In addition, patient care technicians are found working in a variety of healthcare settings.  Some of these may include nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals and even home health care.  When you enroll in your patient care technician program, ensure that the program prepares you for success.  This includes the knowledge and skills needed to become a patient care technician, but also make sure that you have exposure to varied patient populations.  This can help prepare you for success once you have finished your patient care technician program and are working in the field.

Patient Care Technician program | Dorsey College

If you have decided that training to become a patient care technician is right for you, Dorsey College can help.  The Patient Care Technician program offered at Dorsey College is designed to be completed in just one year.  Throughout the program, students will be exposed to the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective patient care technician.  In addition, an externship is included in the Dorsey College Patient Care Technician program.  During the externship, students can practice the knowledge and skills they have learned during their Patient Care Technician while gaining professional exposure.  As part of the program, Dorsey College will also pay the cost, one time, for students to challenge a national certification exam, however, students are required to complete the program-specific requirements to do so.  Are you ready to begin training in a pct program?  If so, contact Dorsey College today to learn about the Patient Care Technician program.