Michigan Diners Revived and Featured on Food Network TV Show!

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Dorsey Dish

Food Network recently launched a new show, American Diner Revival, hosted by acclaimed Chef Amanda Freitag and renovation guru Ty Pennington.  The show aired Fridays at 10:30PM ET on the Food Network and as part of the series, they featured the revival of two classic diners here in Southeast Michigan!

Red Hots Coney Island

Based in Highland Park, MI, Red Hots Coney Island has been a staple within the local community since 1921.  Despite being a hot spot in the area for 94 years, due to changes in the community, the owners saw need for a change and a revival for their diner.  During the whirlwind 36-hour transformation, Freitag and Pennington transformed Red Hots by giving it a retro look and feel.  The transformation included updates to the diner’s décor, including new flooring, as well as the introduction of new menu items such as the Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwich with Cole Slaw and the Chocolate Cherry Icebox Cake, which featured Michigan cherries!

Dena’s Family Restaurant

Located in Monroe, MI, Dena’s Family Restaurant put out the call to Freitag and Pennington to help revitalize this diner packed full of charm and comfort giving patrons a warm feeling of “home” each time they visit.  The renovations at Dena’s included replacing the aged carpet with a new wood laminate floor, modernizing the bar stools, and refreshing the booths within the restaurant.  Freitag helped freshen the menu with new dishes such as Poutine with Dark Sausage Gravy and a Breakfast Grinder.  With a transformed look and some new dishes, Dena’s is ready to continue delivering the comfort of home to the people of Monroe for years to come.

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