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Whether you celebrate Hairstylist Appreciation Day on April 25th or April 30th, we appreciate all that hairstylists do for us every day of the year! Shout out to all of the hairstylists who help us look great on a daily basis. In celebration of hairstylists everywhere, we are going to discuss some helpful Cosmetology tips for those of you either thinking of, or already attending beauty school! There is lots to know when training in Cosmetology or wanting to become a hairstylist, and there is far more involved than meets the eye. Below, we are going to discuss some helpful tips and things you should know while you are training to become a hairstylist.

becoming a hairstylist 3 Tips For Succeeding In Beauty School

Each job has a set of helpful hints that you will want to know before beginning. As stated before, there is a lot more to being a hairstylist than just styling hair. As a hairstylist, you could be working with and alongside people from different backgrounds, or cultures. You may also be working with people who have a different sense of style. As a professional hairstylist, it will be a part of your routine to make it work! A major tip for succeeding in this profession is being extremely open, and becoming a good listener. A good place to start developing and honing in on your craft is in beauty school. While training in Cosmetology, you can develop good skills and habits that can help you succeed in your career. For more information and some specific tips on succeeding in beauty school, check out our blog here.

benefits of being a hairstylist5 Things Hairstylists Must Do Every Day

Hairstylists are very busy people. As you may imagine, they have a lot on their plates every day. This blog covers some of the things a hairstylist should do every day. This includes things like maintaining a clean environment, and staying organized. These tips can help future hairstylists remain on top of their schedules and stay successful. Read our blog about some of the things hairstylists must do every day, here.

hairstylist career path7 Cosmetology Tools No Beauty Student Should Be Without

For any career, there are tools you will need to perform your duties. A career as a hairstylist is no different! There are several tools a hairstylist may need to properly service their clients. This blog discusses several tools a hairstylist should have. If you are an aspiring hairstylist, you should check out these tools. These tools may be helpful to have as you pursue your career as a hairstylist. Can you guess what they might be? Take a look here and find out!

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Hairstylist Training in Michigan | Dorsey School of Beauty

Are you looking for hairstylist training in Michigan? If so, Dorsey School of Beauty offers a Cosmetology training program. The Cosmetology program offers in-depth theory and real-world practice to prepare future hairstylists. This program can be completed in just over one year. Training consists of classroom instruction and hands-on practice. The Dorsey School of Beauty Cosmetology program is offered at the Madison Heights (main campus), Roseville (a branch campus of Madison Heights), and Taylor (main campus, NACCAS accredited) campuses.

During training, students will have the opportunity to learn about the many aspects of hair and beauty. Students can learn about industry-relevant tools and practices while training hands-on in an actual beauty clinic.

Dorsey School of Beauty aims to provide students with the proper knowledge and skills to pursue an entry-level position in the Cosmetology field upon graduation from the program and becoming licensed. The instructors at Dorsey School of Beauty believe in helping each student reach their full potential in the classroom while using a flexible and understanding teaching approach.

If you are interested in learning more about training to become a hairstylist, or have any questions regarding our Cosmetology program, contact us today! You may request more information here. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to speaking with you!



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