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So you’ve decided to go to beauty school?  Congratulations!  You are embarking upon what can be both an exciting as well as rewarding journey towards starting a career as a cosmetologist.  As you begin to settle into your new daily routine at beauty school, it’s important to develop habits that will help you be successful not only during your program, but also help you as you enter your newly chosen field.  Below, our team has compiled three tips that can help someone succeed in beauty school.  We hope you find this information to be helpful!

1. Expect to become a lifelong learner!Beauty School Tips | Dorsey Schools

One may think that once they have finished their training to become a cosmetologist, their learning is completed.  That’s simply not the case in the cosmetology field.  While finishing beauty school is definitely a big accomplishment, you haven’t crossed the finish line just yet.  First, after you’ve completed your training, you’ll want to challenge the applicable state licensing examination(s) in order to pursue your cosmetology license (which is required to obtain employment as a cosmetologist).  Preparing for the exam shouldn’t be taken lightly.  You should take pride in the training you’ve received, but also work towards putting all of that info together as you prepare for your exam.

On an on-going basis, cosmetologists are always staying on top of current trends and styles, so expect to continue to learn throughout your career.  New products, tools, and techniques may also make their way onto the scene, which will require cosmetologists to become acclimated with how to use them properly.

As you make your way through beauty school, do so with an open mind and a constant desire to learn new things.  After all, your continued growth and development as a cosmetologist will be something that is important throughout your career.

2. Be prepared (and open to) meeting and interacting with different groups of people.

Cosmetologists work with the public, so they interact with a variety of people from different backgrounds.  Guess what?  You’re probably going to interact with different groups of people from different backgrounds in beauty school as well.  While you are all likely connected by your common love for hair, make-up, and nails, each person is different in a number of ways including in their tastes, creativity, and style.

Because they will be working with the public, cosmetologists should have good interpersonal skills.  This is important for a number of reasons.  First, many cosmetologists benefit from repeat customers, but in order for someone to be a repeat customer, they most likely have to have developed a level of comfort and satisfaction with their stylist.  Secondly, any time you work with the public, there is a chance you may come across some people who are simply having a bad day.  It’s important not to take that personally, as the person’s mood at that particular moment likely has nothing to do with you at all.  Lastly, there is always a chance a customer may not be happy with the service that their stylist provided.  It’s important to be able to handle this type of situation calmly and professionally, while not taking it personally.

Cosmetologists will interact with people from various backgrounds throughout their career and as a student in beauty school, you can expect the same during your training, so be open to meeting and interacting with different groups of people.

3. Welcome the opportunity to develop skills, qualities and characteristics beyond hair, make-up and nails.Beauty School Tips | Dorsey Schools

Most people think that during their time in beauty school, they are just going to learn about hair, make-up, and nails.  While these things are the cornerstone for a cosmetology program, a beauty student should also be open to developing and learning other skills, qualities, and characteristics as well.  Some of these include professionalism, time management, organization, cleanliness/sanitation in the workplace setting, and interpersonal skills to name a few.  We could go on and explain each of these individually, but simply put, each of these can only help someone as they enter their new career as a cosmetologist.  Think about it like this – if you were to visit a salon, wouldn’t you want a stylist who was professional?  Worked in a clean/sanitary environment?  Seemed well-organized?  Was a good communicator?  The answer is yes, right?!  A student can develop these skills, qualities, and characteristics throughout their beauty school education, but they should first be open to it and proactively look for these opportunities.  It’s unlikely that you’ll come to school one day and your teacher will say “today we’re going to talk about how you can be professional,” instead, a student is ideally exposed to positive interactions on a daily basis from both their instructors and other students that can help them not only in school but throughout their career as well.

Cosmetology training at Dorsey School of BeautyBeauty School Tips | Dorsey Schools

Dorsey School of Beauty offers a  Cosmetology diploma program that is designed to provide students with a blended experience where education takes place in both a classroom setting as well as in the on-campus beauty clinic, where cosmetology services will be provided to the public (while supervised), who may be charged for the services rendered by students.  The Dorsey School of Beauty cosmetology program requires students to complete 1500 hours of training and throughout the program, a variety of topics may be covered including art principles, hair styling, hair cutting and shaping, hair coloring, thermal waving and curling, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, shampooing, manicuring, scalp and facial treatments.

If you’re interested in exploring the cosmetology program at Dorsey School of Beauty and what it has to offer, we encourage you to contact us and visit one of our campuses.

The Cosmetology program at Dorsey School of Beauty is offered at the following campus locations:

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