Dorsey Schools Acquires Birthing Simulator

Dorsey Schools Madison Heights campus is proud to announce that it is one of the first schools in the country (and the first in Michigan) to be using the Victoria birthing simulator for their Practical Nurse training program. The Victoria birthing simulator is the latest maternal/fetal simulator to come from the Gaumard Scientific Company. This high-end learning tool is considered by health care educators as the industry’s most advanced of its kind and is now in use at schools and teaching hospitals in all regions of the U.S.

The Victoria birthing simulator is designed and patented and offers a precision, simulated delivery, and birthing mechanism that births a life-like, full-term baby, with refined monitoring capabilities. According to a recent NCSBN study, this high-end learning tool will help teach students the skills and give them the experience that is needed, which can also help reduce medical errors through simulation in medical training and education.

The simulator is designed to offer students the most realistic and wireless maternal/fetal simulator, with its attention detailed endoskeletons and silky smooth elastomeric skin for use in actual point-of-care training. This high-end training tool has an amazing set of features that will allow Practical Nurse students to experience and train with one of the most realistic simulators. The Victoria system also simulates multiple clinical scenarios, including shoulder dystocia and postpartum hemorrhage.

The acquisition of this training tool is proof of the commitment that Dorsey Schools has in providing its students with industry-current and effective career training while helping reduce potential medical errors. If you are interested in working towards a career where you’ll have the chance to work side by side with doctors and patients, learn more about the Practical Nurse program at Dorsey Schools, click here.

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