3 Places Where Medical Assistants Can Work
Medical Assistants have a variety of options when it comes to selecting a work environment. Medical Assistants can work in several different setting such as physicians’ offices, health clinics, and hospitals. Depending on location, their day to day duties may vary as well as their work hours. However, regardless of... Read more
What does a Medical Assistant do?
A Medical Assistant is an Allied Health professional that typically works on the front lines of Doctors’ Offices and Clinics by assisting patients and physicians. What does a Medical Assistant do? Medical assistants are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that may vary from office to office depending on... Read more
Dorsey Dish: The Tastes of #PureMichigan
There are many benefits to eating local foods. Purchasing local ingredients supports the economy of the community and the environment. The crops can be picked at the peak of their season for the best flavors. Eating local food is exciting as is eating seasonally. And these are only a few... Read more
Dorsey Schools Acquires Birthing Simulator
Dorsey Schools Madison Heights campus is proud to announce that it is one of the first schools in the country (and the first in Michigan) to be using the Victoria birthing simulator for their Practical Nurse training program. The Victoria birthing simulator is the latest maternal/fetal simulator to come from... Read more
New Program Announcement: Computer Software Specialist
Dorsey Schools has announced that they will be offering a new Computer Software Specialist diploma program. This new program is ideal for individuals interested in advancing their computer software skills and moving on to the next professional level so that they may thrive in various office and administrative positions in... Read more
Two Dorsey Students Receive Selective MACCS Scholarship
Every year, the Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (MACCS), a non-profit association serving Michigan’s private career colleges and schools, awards six deserving students each a $1,000 scholarship to help them reach their educational goals in life. This year, two hardworking and commendable students of Dorsey Schools received this... Read more
If You Enjoyed Chemistry Class, Keep Reading
If you’ve ever taken prescription medication, you’re probably familiar with the level of detail on every prescription drug label. These labels list not only the exact amount of medication inside the bottle, but also the active ingredients, the proper way to administer the drug, and the recommended frequency of dosage... Read more