Dorsey Dish: The Tastes of #PureMichigan

There are many benefits to eating local foods. Purchasing local ingredients supports the economy of the community and the environment. The crops can be picked at the peak of their season for the best flavors. Eating local food is exciting as is eating seasonally. And these are only a few great reasons.

This year’s summer is heating up and offering some of the most diverse and widest varieties of locally grown ingredients in the State of Michigan. Exact crop availability and harvest times vary from year-to-year, but this blog can help you know what to look for at nearby markets when it comes to buying the freshest locally grown ingredients for this summer season.

Seasonal local foods are fresh and also taste great. Luckily, Michigan has a lot to offer. Food plays a big part in Michigan’s culture. There are countless food festivals throughout the summer where you can get some local favorites, such as the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City (July), the National Blueberry Festival in South Haven (August) and the Michigan Bean Festival in Fairgrove (September) to name a few. The State of Michigan is also known as one of the leading producers of apples, grapes, blueberries and peaches.

Eating locally isn’t just about eating produce that is grown next door. There are a lot of unique dishes that represent the food culture of Michigan. Take, for example, the Coney Island Hot Dog (not to be confused with a chili dog). This delicacy features a Vienna sausage with a delicious beef heart-based sauce, stripes of yellow mustard and freshly diced white onions. This can be perfect dish to wash down with a beverage that is a favorite in Michigan, Faygo Pop. Another unique Michigan treat is “the Pasty,” a delectable baked pastry that is filled with a variety of ingredients that include diced potatoes, rutabagas, carrots, onions and ground beef (or a combination of different meats that have been seasoned to perfection).

If you consider yourself a foodie, take a look at all of these Michigan foodie tours, each of which takes pride in using local ingredients that can be found throughout Michigan – from “The Tastes and Treats of Traverse City” to the cuisines of Southeast Michigan. You can even look up where your nearest farmers market is through the Michigan Farmers Market Association. Let us know some of your favorite local ingredients that you plan on using this summer in the “Comments” section.
Consider yourself a “locavore” yourself? Or, do you just love cooking up new recipes and using fresh ingredients that you buy in Michigan? Consider enrolling in the Dorsey Culinary Academy and get the hands-on career training and experience you need to enter the creative world of food preparation.

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