20 More Interesting Facts About Michigan

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There are several interesting facts about Michigan that may surprise you. Rich with history, Michigan is known for its Great Lakes, industrial manufacturing, ginger ale, and tunnels. If you’re like many people, when you think of Michigan, you may think of automobiles. After all, Henry Ford wasn’t only born in Greenfield Township, Michigan, Ford constructed his first automobile plant in Highland Park. Today, the Henry Ford Museum covers 250 acres.1

20 More Fun Facts About Michigan

Ford’s work played a major role in the industrial revolution. It’s no wonder that he’s studied and celebrated. But, Michigan is about more than automobiles. Following are 20 more interesting facts about Michigan. How many of them do you already know?

  1. Boasting more than 80 miles, Mackinac Island has a lot to offer and has been ranked as one of world’s friendliest islands. 2
  2. Cars are not allowed on Michigan’s Mackinac Island. Travel is by bike, horse, or water vessel. 2
  3. Traverse City is home to nearly 40 wineries. 3
  4. Michigan’s shortest freeway is 1.1 miles long. The freeway, I-375, is located in Detroit. Of all the fun facts about Michigan, this one may be most appreciated by commuters who endure crowded rush hour drives to and from work along I-75. 4
  5. The Siphon Bridge’s deck is four feet below water level. 4
  6. Surgeon and former Presidential candidate, Ben Carson, was born in Detroit. 5
  7. Professional tennis player, Serena Williams, was born in Saginaw. 5
  8. Residents living in Detroit were the first Americans to have telephone numbers. 6
  9. The world’s first three tunnels that connected two different countries were built in Michigan (the St. Clair Tunnel, Michigan Central Railway Tunnel and the Detroit Windsor Tunnel). 6
  10. Michigan is home to America’s longest freshwater shoreline. 6
  11. Actress Marlo Thomas was born in Deerfield. 5
  12. Michigan is the Wolverine State. Oddly enough, there are no longer any wolverines living in the state.6
  13. Battle Creek is known as the cereal capital of the world.6
  14. Michigan is home to a floating post office. 7
  15. Montague is home to the world’s largest weathervane, an instrument with a height of 48 feet. 7
  16. Kalamazoo Mall was America’s first outdoor pedestrian shopping mall. 6
  17. Michigan became America’s 26th state on January 26, 1837. 7
  18. The Cross In The Woods, located in Indian River, is the world’s largest crucifix. 7
  19. The Apple Blossom is the state flower. 8
  20. The capital of Michigan is Lansing. Of all the interesting facts about Michigan, this could be the one that is most often taught in schools. 8

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Facts about Michigan showcase the state’s distant past and relevant present. Some tourist areas, like Mackinac Island, take you to a simpler time while also offering modern comforts. Michigan is also home to local and nationally known schools, places where students and adults gain the training and skills that could equip them to become the state’s next generation of leaders.