Career Education and Training Day 2016

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Tuesday August 16th is Career Education and Training Day!  On this day, we celebrate the positive difference Career Education and Training has made in the lives of thousands of students each year.  We invite our Dorsey Schools’ students and graduates to celebrate with us as well.  Here’s how you can get involved.

Celebrating Career Education and Training Day 2016

We want to hear from you!  How has Career Education and Training impacted you?  How has it made a difference in your life?  In the life your family?  Share your story with us!

  1. Visit
  2. Post your story on the page how Career Education and Training has had a positive impact on you and helped make a difference in your life.
  3. When you post on this page you can also use the hashtags #CETDay and #IChoseCareerEd.


We thank you in advance for sharing your story in support of Career Education and Training.  All of us here at Dorsey Schools are so proud of our graduates.  We know our students work very hard throughout their program.  Because of that, we always enjoying celebrating their successes with them at the conclusion of their program and beyond!