Things you should know before becoming a surgical tech

becoming a surgical tech

There are many advantages to pursuing a new career within the medical field. After all, the healthcare sector is a fast-paced, challenging environment with excellent career progression potential and the opportunity to have a fantastic sense of job satisfaction. Now, if these elements excite you, and you’re currently looking for a new career, perhaps becoming a Surgical Tech is for you.

Surgical Technologists are integral to any healthcare facility’s Operating Room (OR) team. Working under the supervision of surgeons, nurses, and anesthetists, Surgical Techs are vital in helping to prepare for and assist during medical surgeries. So, to help you decide if you’d like to become a Surgical Technologist, we thought we’d tell you about the key aspects and the fantastic advantages of this vocation. Of course, becoming a Surgical Tech does involve dedication and hard work. However, the benefits of being part of the surgical care team can be incredible and intensely rewarding.

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The Surgical Tech job description

Sometimes known as operating room technicians, Surgical Technologists are pivotal members of any OR surgical team. It’s a significant position, as you’ll be helping your fellow medical professionals throughout the surgical procedure.

Before surgery, you must ensure the operating room is sterile and fully equipped with the instruments and supplies needed. You may also assist with preparing and positioning patients before managing and supplying surgical equipment during the operation.

Additional responsibilities during an operation can also include:

  • Monitor patient vital signs
  • Operating surgical devices, including suction machines and lights
  • Contamination prevention – cleaning and sterilizing equipment
  • Documenting of surgical procedures and records
  • Collecting patient tissue samples

Becoming a Surgical Tech means you play a fundamental role throughout surgical procedures, helping to ensure they are conducted safely and efficiently. With experience, you can also begin to anticipate the equipment a surgeon needs ahead of time, critical in time-sensitive environments such as an operating room.

Is becoming a Surgical Tech for you?

If you love a job that can offer you a variety of responsibilities and experiences every day, then chances are, becoming a Surgical Tech could be the right career for you. However, it’s vital to consider some of the challenges and attributes the role of an OR Tech involves before you pursue this vocation.  Sure, working in the OR involves communicating and interacting with patients, but alternative professions, such as nursing, offer higher levels of direct patient care. So choosing to become a Surgical Technologist might appeal if you’re looking for a career in the healthcare industry with lower levels of patient interaction. 

Another benefit of pursuing an Operating Room Technologist career is the wealth of medical institutions where you can work. However, while you can secure full-time working hours, it’s important to recognize that some facilities may require you to be on-call. This may mean working evenings and weekends occasionally. If you love to work as part of a well-organized, highly-skilled team in a fast-paced environment and can remain calm under pressure, then becoming a Surgical Tech could be your calling.

Skills you will need to be a surgical tech

If you are considering becoming a Surgical Tech, a combination of technical, interpersonal, and organizational skills are required. These include having a comprehensive understanding of surgical procedures, excellent communication skills, and enjoying working as a team.

Working side-by-side with surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists in a surgical environment also requires a solid knowledge base and understanding of the following:

  • Advanced Medical Terminology
  • Sterilization equipment and infection control practices
  • Surgical instrumentation, procedures, and technologies
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Microbiology and pharmacology

In addition to these technical attributes, other essential personal characteristics include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Great time management
  • Working well under pressure
  • Superb organizational skills
  • Performing as part of a team

It’s true, duties Surgical Technologists perform may vary on a daily basis. However, combining a strong technical knowledge base with these soft skills is critical for a safe and efficient operating room to function.

Exploring the Surgical Tech career path

With just two years of Surgical Technologist training, graduates can apply for jobs in a range of healthcare settings which can include:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Outpatient surgery centers
  • Private healthcare facilities
  • Medical research laboratories
  • Academic and educational institutions

Not only is the choice of workplace environments an attractive aspect of becoming a Surgical Tech, but the career outlook is equally impressive. So much so that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected that employment of surgical technologists and assistants will grow 6% from 2021-2031, which is as fast as average for all occupations. (1)

Did you also know that becoming a Surgical Tech can also be a starting point for further career progression within the healthcare industry? With continued education and experience, Surgical Techs may transition into more senior roles, including Surgical Assistants and Lead OR Technicians.

Pursue a career as a Surgical Technologist and enroll in a program 

If a Surgical Tech career sounds like the job you’re looking for, enroll in a state approved educational training program to get started. Colleges provide the opportunity to learn the necessary skills, including surgical procedures, anatomy, and the medical terminology needed when becoming a Surgical Tech.

To flourish in a career working in a medical OR environment, mastering these technical components is vital. Here at Dorsey College, our Surgical Tech educational program incorporates additional extensive hands-on training and clinical experience under the excellent supervision of our expert faculty.

Ultimately, a good Surgical Tech education program will be designed to reinforce classroom-based knowledge through practical training and practice. This enhanced form of training encourages students like yourself to acquire these essential technical skills in a controlled and supervised setting.

In conclusion…

Naturally, finding a Surgical Technologist degree program that helps you prepare for certification and pursue your new career is one thing. However, enrolling in a degree course that provides the expertise and clinical training to hone your skills further helps set you up for a successful career and is essential for long term career success.

After all, there are several excellent reasons why becoming a Surgical Tech could be the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Once you’ve qualified as an OR Technologist, the career benefits are amazing and include:

  • No two workdays are ever alike
  • Helping patients and saving people’s lives
  • A choice of medical workplace environments
  • Becoming a valued healthcare professional and team member

Learning more about Dorsey College’s Surgical technologist program

Take a giant leap towards becoming a Surgical Tech in Michigan with Dorsey College today. Our team of expert faculty is determined to help our students pursue their new career within the healthcare industry. Our Surgical Tech degree program can set you on the path to become a Surgical Technologist in just 24 months. This is due to our fantastic team of expert teachers and the hands-on training offered in this program at our Roseville campus in Michigan.  Students will also participate in clinical training at offsite locations.

Need help finding the time to study?

Fear not… here at Dorsey College, several of our Surgical Technologist training courses in the program are also delivered in hybrid format. Through our hybrid program, you will have some of your class sessions online while coming to campus for other class sessions.

The healthcare sector needs you, so take the first step towards a promising career by becoming a Surgical Tech today.


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