How Long Does It Take to Become A Cosmetologist?

how long does it take to become a cosmetologist

A career in cosmetology could lead you to employment  in theater, fashion, working in a salon or even opening up your own! The beauty industry is fast-paced and exciting and with new trends that are sure to intrigue your creative side and make your career fun and enjoyable. Knowing you want to pursue a career as a cosmetologist is the first step, but in order to gain your cosmetology license you must fulfill the educational requirements and pass the licensure exam as well. Beginning your cosmetology training in this creative industry is just the start of your career journey. Let’s dive into how long it will take!

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 The schooling it takes to become a licensed cosmetologist

Aspiring cosmetologists usually will need to complete a cosmetology program in order to be able to pursue licensing. Most states require that those pursuing their license complete a state-approved cosmetology training program. Topics covered during training programs may include art principles, hair cutting, hair coloring and styling, infection control, and  salon management. The decision to attend training full-time or part-time can impact how long it takes for you to become a licensed cosmetologist. For example in the state of Michigan you must complete 1500 clock hours and most students could finish in about a year if they pursue their education full time.

Gaining your cosmetology license

Once you complete your 1500 clock hours of training successfully, pass the state licensing exam, and fulfill the other requirements set forth by the state, you will be a licensed cosmetologist! Requirements may vary state to state, it’s important to check the specific requirements in the state you are in to know exactly what to expect in order to pursue licensure. However all states require cosmetologists to be licensed. (1) 

Your career as a licensed cosmetologist 

Cosmetologists may schedule upcoming client appointments. If they work at salons that accept walk-ins, flexibility, good time management skills, and organizational skills are needed alongside your creative skills.  You will likely spend most of your time working on clients doing things such as cutting and styling hair, doing highlights, coloring hair, and more! Pursue a career that allows you to express yourself and make others feel their best!

Enrolling in a cosmetology program that works for you!

Dorsey College’s Cosmetology program combines classroom instruction and hands-on training. During training, students can work with actual clients in an authentic beauty salon. Skilled and experienced instructors at our Dorsey College campuses provide training to potential future cosmetologists in topics like cosmetology theory, cosmetology equipment, hair styling, manicuring, and facial treatments.

Contact us to learn more about our cosmetology program. Students need to complete 1,500 hours to graduate. Depending on the student, the cosmetology program at Dorsey College can be completed in just over a year, however, actual completion time may vary from student to student.  We have campuses located in Madison Heights, MI (main campus), and Roseville MI (a branch campus of Madison Heights).  In addition, Dorsey School of Beauty, a sister school of Dorsey College located in Taylor, MI also offers a Cosmetology program.

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Dorsey School of Beauty, located in Taylor, MI, is a sister school of Dorsey College.  Dorsey School of Beauty in Taylor, MI is institutionally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).