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Final exams and state boards are on the horizon. Let’s admit it: the pressure and stress is on.

But let’s move on and NOT focus on the stress of exams. Instead, concentrate on some basic preparation that should help ease some of the pressure, courtesy of Dorsey Schools. As the externship concerns hands-on, work environment testing, this list pertains to any classroom tests you may have coming up.

Let ‘Study Tips 101’ begin.

 Study Tips For Final Exams | Dorsey Schools

  1. Ask questions. Don’t be embarrassed to ask the teacher what some of the topics on the exam will be, or to ask for help if you don’t understand something. After all, that’s what the instructor is there for.
  2. Review by rewrite. Read the notes you have taken in your career training programs. Then, go back and rewrite them. Seriously. Your mind will work with the physical activity of writing, strengthening your memory.
  3. Time is of the essence. A common impulse is to either do a ‘cram for exam’ session or study morning, noon and night. Remember these two words: pace yourself. Begin your study routine at least one week before the exam. Take a couple of hours each day, while you are fresh and awake, to go over notes and lessons. Your memory will improve and be stronger, by not being overloaded. Also (and this may be obvious), topics that are more difficult should be allotted more time in the study session than those that you know better and feel more confident with.
  4. Where and how to study. Keep free from any distractions. Turn your cell phone off for a couple of hours so that you won’t be distracted by the ring-tone, as well as avoiding the temptation to text during the study time that you have allotted for yourself. Unplug your computer or tablet (unless of course, they are instruments needed for studying). Listening to music or the sound of the television may or may not be conducive to good study – depending on what helps you to focus.
  5. Break time. This is tied in with Tip 2, to some extent. Remember to take an occasional break from the task of studying. Stand up, walk around and stretch for a couple of minutes. But then, get back to studying (don’t get too comfortable in break time!).

These fundamental tips apply to any and every course of study, whether it is the Culinary Academy, School of Beauty, or HVAC program of the Dorsey School (or any school, anywhere).

For more information, check ‘How to Study‘ on, from where the information for this blog was gathered. Practice these, think positive, and get a good night’s rest!