Searching for Schools…

You’ve written that final term paper – forever. You’re getting ready for the final exams – the final ones, that is. And then, you graduate from high school, and it is the end of an era (for you and every other graduating class in America, that is).

It is exciting, but also busy! On top of all these things to do, you’re thinking about what happens once you graduate. What to do? Enroll in college? Join a trade school? Find the first job you can?

First, stop and relax (however easier it may be to say than do). You deserve it. If you are leaning toward a school or career college, we at Dorsey Schools want to just offer some advice. We have high school graduates, as well as adults looking to change careers, enroll at one of our eight campuses at the start of every season. No, this is NOT a recruitment ploy. It is just some words of some common sense that anyone who wants to enroll in college, technical or career school should follow. Now, have you leafed through brochures for Dorsey or any other schools? Have you clicked onto the Dorsey Schools website? If you answered “yes,” we want to thank you for considering us.

Now, put what you’ve read out of your mind! No matter how cool the pictures of a campus may look, or how the course descriptions match what you may be looking for in training for a career, you will never truly know if a school is right for you – until you are there, in person, soaking up the atmosphere, and discovering if that particular place is right for you.

Have you heard the expression that there is safety in numbers? It’s true. Bring a friend or family member along to get their take on a particular school. (O.K. Minor plug for Dorsey here: we have eight campuses that offer many of the same programs, but each one is different. If you are considering us, find the campus that feels right for you.) Whether you visit one or twenty schools, another opinion from someone you trust helps.

So, Dorsey Schools hopes this blog did not add too much to your already busy plate. There are just two things to keep in mind: First, visit any school you are thinking of. Take some time (yes, it’s hard to find the time, but do it!), and make an appointment with the school you are considering to talk with a campus representative. Second, bring someone along to exchange points of view about a school. Both of these steps are worth the effort and will make your final decision an easier one.

Happy school searching!