Dorsey Schools is Adding a New Technical School in Lansing, Michigan!

The presence of Dorsey Schools, the prominent institution of career training in the state of Michigan, is spreading further. The career school, which has eight campuses with the Dorsey name, is adding a ninth technical school, and fittingly, the new location will be in the state capital of Lansing.

This new campus will house several Dorsey Medical Programs – Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Medical Administration and Billing. So, interested students will have their choice of pursuing a technical, practicing, or administrative branch of study in the medical field.

Nicknamed “Mid-Michigan”, the sectors of culture, government, business and (appropriately enough) education and healthcare contribute greatly to Lansing’s economy. It is no wonder that the newly situated Dorsey Campus should be geared toward medical training. Lansing is also home to Sparrow Hospital and McLaren-Greater Lansing Hospital.

So, here’s the breakdown: a new campus is on the horizon. Considering that in today’s economy, while some schools are closing down or remain at a status quo level, this is testament to the staying (and growing) power of Dorsey Schools.

The location of this new campus will be in a major city in Michigan – Lansing, which was named by Kiplinger as “one of the ten great cities for young adults”. And, while we are on the subject of forecasts, the positions of Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant and Medical Administration and Billing professionals get an overall “Bright Outlook” classification from O*NET, the Occupational Information Network.

This new campus may symbolize a new beginning, for Dorsey Schools and prospective students. Interesting fit, yes? While more information is still to come, if interested or curious, make sure to check the Upcoming Events info.

Welcome to Lansing, Dorsey Schools! It’s about time!

Dorsey Schools new Technical School in Lansing Michigan.