Dorsey Schools now offering Electrical Technician Program at Wayne Campus

Dorsey Schools recently announced that they will begin offering their Electrical Technician program at the Wayne campus.  For over 80-years, Dorsey Schools has provided quality career training to the men and woman of Michigan.  Dorsey Schools is also proud to be the longest standing career training school in the State of Michigan.  The Electrical Technician program is part of the Skilled Trades programs that Dorsey Schools offers, in part to meet the demand for Skilled Trades positions in Michigan.  In addition to the Electrical Technician program, Dorsey Schools also offers an HVAC Systems Technician program as part of their Skilled Trades offerings.  Both the Electrical Technician and HVAC Systems Technician programs are available at the Wayne campus.

The Electrical Technician Program

The Electrical Technician program at Dorsey Schools is designed to expose students to the skills and work habits needed for entry-level positions within the electrical field.  As part of the curriculum in the Electrical Technician program, students will be exposed to the following in their classes: Electrical Technician Electrical Grounding, Circuitry, Electrical Theory, Safety, and Branch Circuit Distribution.  Courses include instruction that takes place not only in a traditional classroom setting, but also in the Electrical Technician labs at Dorsey Schools.  At the conclusion of the Electrical Technician program, students may wish to pursue employment in a variety of fields such as industrial, residential, construction, commercial, municipal, or utilities to install, repair, replace, or maintain a variety of electrical wiring, fixtures, and systems equipment.  The Electrical Technician program at Dorsey Schools can be completed in as little as one year!  For those looking to train for a hands-on career, the Electrical Technician program may be a good fit for them.  Click here to learn more.

The Wayne Campus

The Wayne campus of Dorsey Schools is conveniently located at 35005 W. Michigan Avenue in Wayne, Michigan.  The campus is located in Downtown Wayne between Wayne Road and Second Street.  The Wayne campus is within minutes of several nearby communities such as Wayne, Garden City, Romulus, Livonia, Plymouth, Canton, Ypsilanti, Belleville, and more!

In addition to the Skilled Trades programs (Electrical Technician and HVAC Systems Technician), the Wayne campus also offers several training programs for those looking to enter the Healthcare field.  These programs include Medical Assistant, Medical Administration and Billing, Patient Care Technician, Pharmacy Technician and Dialysis Patient Care Technician.

Students choose the Dorsey Schools Wayne campus for a variety of reasons including the availability of the programs offered as well as the hands-on training.  Programs at Dorsey Schools balance instruction in the classroom along with opportunities for students to practice the skills they have learned in labs and/or real-world occupational settings.

If you’d like to learn more about the programs offered at the Wayne campus of Dorsey Schools, you can learn more and request information by clicking here.

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