Networking Tips from Dorsey Schools

So you are finishing up your career training, and are at the doorstep of entering the job market in search of the career that you have put all of your time and energy into studying for. As you go forward, these few points may be of help in making the transition from student to professional.

Seek Out Your Career Services Department
Most career schools have employment assistance that is part of their Career Services Department. These services are most often free, so check out what they have to offer. These assistance services may include everything from recruitment between students and prospective employers, to resume preparation.

Use Social Media Sites
Students have a great advantage with being part of Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn. Post about yourself, your classes, and what you have accomplished as a student. But remember, using a social media platform may prove to be a double-edged sword. Don’t lie. Don’t be negative. Be honest about the fact that you are just starting out. You never know who your contacts (or their contacts) may be looking for.

Engage in Volunteer Work
So you are not working – yet. Consider getting involved with a volunteer organization in your community. The volunteer work you choose to participate in doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the career program your training for. By becoming active in volunteer work, and mentioning it in your resume or online social posts (but please don’t brag!), contacts – and potential interviewers or recruiters – will see that you are not just waiting for a job to drop in your lap, and that you have a sense of purpose and responsibility.

So, those are a few concrete tips to pursue in beginning your career search. You’re still in school, so start with these three. By keeping yourself active and visible to your career service resources and whoever they may know, you could better your chances of making career connections faster and more easily. Good luck!