Detroit Food & Cooking Expo

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What could be a better fit for the “Detroit Food & Cooking Expo” than having staff and students from the Culinary Program of Dorsey Schools on hand – to both lend a hand and showcase their skills? This promises to be a major event, complete with celebrity treatment, as evidenced by the presence of Buddy Valastro, the headlining Chef of TLC’s Cake Boss and Kitchen Boss.

Detroit Food & Cooking Expo

The Detroit Food & Cooking Expo, to be held between noon and 7:00pm this Saturday, the 20th, at The Palace, will feature everything from cooking demonstrations to sampling, and even contests. The students of Dorsey Schools will gain experience in the preliminaries of food preparation – seeing that all the ingredients, cookware, and other necessary items are in place and immediately at Mr. Valastro’s disposal as he prepares the cupcake dishes. Additionally, these students will also assist those instructors who will be providing demonstrations on various culinary topics, such as healthy cooking and local neighborhood dining.

It goes without saying that the Dorsey students who are participating in this event will have a memorable Saturday in store for them. A special thank you and shout-out to John Piazza, the Culinary Arts Program Director of Dorsey Schools, for helping them work toward their career goals with the inclusion of this dream-project event.