Student Testimonial – Culinary Program

Interested in the Culinary Program at Dorsey Schools? Hear what Mercedes Rosado has to say about her experience while studying at Dorsey!

MercedesI have always loved to cook and Dorsey gave me the opportunity to earn a certificate in the culinary profession and fulfill my life passion. I chose to attend Dorsey Culinary Academy because it is a great program, combining 90% of hands-on training with 10% of class time. The course time was also convenient with my schedule. I feel I was well prepared for my experience in the field, as well as on the externship offered by Dorsey, because the chefs at our school helped me and answered any questions or concerns I had. Plus, all the “school” work that was done beforehand prepared us as we moved on to our externships. To this day, we still have the choice of consulting with our chefs about any concerns we have while working in the field.

I have to thank Chef Jeremy Abbey, Chef Daniel Vallone and Chef Tom Pavlock. Their guidance and support never left me feeling alone, and I thank them for all the help along my way. My advice to current and potential students at the Dorsey Culinary School is to never give up – try your hardest to achieve your goals and become what you always wanted to be. There is no one who can stop you.