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Pharmacy Technician Day

National Pharmacy Technician Day 2018

Tuesday October 16th is National Pharmacy Technician Day 2018! It is a day when we pause and celebrate the contributions of Pharmacy Technicians everywhere. Pharmacy Technicians play an important role in our healthcare system. Here at Dorsey Schools, we want to give a huge shout out to our Pharmacy Technician students, graduates, and staff. We thank you for your hard work on a daily basis. In honor of National Pharmacy Technician Day 2018, we are looking back on some of our favorite Pharmacy Technician blogs. Check them out below!

5 Things You Can Learn in Pharmacy Technician Classes in Michigan

Pharmacy Technician DayAre you thinking about training to become a Pharmacy Technician? If you answered yes, chances are good you are also thinking about taking Pharmacy Technician classes. When selecting a Pharmacy Technician program, it is important to know what types of things you can learn and what you will be exposed to in your classes. This blog talks about 5 Things You Can Learn in Pharmacy Technician Classes in Michigan. If you want to train to become a Pharmacy Technician, check out this blog to learn more about some of the things you can learn during your training.

What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do?

For those who may be thinking about a career as a Pharmacy Technician, they may be wondering, “What do Pharmacy Technicians Do?” It is a fair question! When you are looking at any potential career, it is important to know what duties you may perform on a daily basis. This blog gives some more info on what duties Pharmacy Technicians perform. It also talks about some of the responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician as well as qualities a Pharmacy Technician should possess. If you are thinking that a career as a Pharmacy Technician may be right for you, this blog can be very helpful! Check it out to get some more info on the duties of a Pharmacy Technician and the role they play in the workplace.

7 Qualities of a Great Pharmacy Technician

If you are wondering if you have what it takes to be a Pharmacy Technician, this blog is for you. In 7 Qualities of a Great Pharmacy Technician, we discuss several important characteristics a Pharmacy Technician should possess, including:

  1. Organizational Skills
  2. Customer Service
  3. Communication
  4. Math Abilities
  5. Attention to Detail
  6. Research Skills
  7. Time Management

These are only some of the qualities a great Pharmacy Technician should possess. You can read more about each of these by visiting this blog. If you are concerned about being deficient in any of the skills above, do not worry! You can always make improving upon any of these skills part of your training to become a Pharmacy Technician.

Pharmacy Technician training in Michigan | Dorsey Schools

pharmacy technician certificationIf you are thinking about pursuing Pharmacy Technician training in Michigan, Dorsey Schools can help you get on your way. The Pharmacy Technician training at Dorsey Schools in Michigan is designed to prepare students to work in an ambulatory pharmacy under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Training in this program includes:

  • Exposure to topics such as pharmacy operations
  • This includes strong communication and customer service skills that are critical to the success of the pharmacy technician.
  • The chance to learn the language of medicine and build a proficient medical vocabulary. This includes the structure of the body, common diseases, treatment, lab tests and medical and pharmacological abbreviations.
  • Overview of the use and side effects of medications. This includes generic and brand name, prescription, non-prescription, and alternative medications that are commonly used to treat diseases.
  • An introduction to basic pharmacy practices, including laws and regulations.
  • An externship in a supervised, ambulatory pharmacy setting under the direct supervision of a pharmacist and his/her staff is included in the program.
  • Graduates of this program will be eligible to challenge a national Pharmacy Technician Certification exam.

The Pharmacy Technician training program is offered at the following Dorsey Schools campus locations:

Are you ready to learn more about Pharmacy Technician training at Dorsey Schools? Give us a call today at (888) 422-1188. You can also request info online.