Students Win Outstading Student Awards | Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools

Recently, four students who attend the Madison Heights Campus of Dorsey Schools were honored with outstanding student awards from the Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools. The Michigan Association of Career Colleges is a non-profit association which serves Michigan’s private career colleges and schools, recognizing and rewarding students who have demonstrated excellence and success in their fields of study. Award-winner Joseph Clayton is the perfect example of a Dorsey success story. Clayton’s life has definitely been changed by his experiences in the Medical Training Program of Dorsey Schools. Before signing up for the Medical Training program, he described his life as just living from day-to-day, and lacking a career where he could pursue his passions. Clayton had an enormous desire to learn, so he gave Dorsey a call. Now, he says he is living a much better life. Currently working in the medical field, he has been presented with many opportunities he never thought possible until he attended Dorsey Schools.

While in the classroom, Clayton learned from teachers who taught with a hands-on, real world focus, which made the transition from the classroom to the work world much easier. He describes his teachers as caring and genuine – always wanting their students to learn and be all they could be. In addition to hands-on experience in the classroom, Clayton also participated in an externship, which is an experience that all Dorsey Medical Assisting students are provided with. Other externships provided by Dorsey include exposure to professional settings of catering, dental offices, and even hotels and restaurants. With programs that range from Medical Training, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, HVAC Technician Training, Legal Training, and Dental Assisting, many other students have been able to take their own interests and make it a career – just as Clayton has.

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