Dorsey Culinary Students Participate in cook-off fundraiser

This past month, students from the Culinary Program of Dorsey Schools put their skills to the test at the “Night Under the Stars” cooking competition and fundraiser. Twenty students attended (six of whom were from Dorsey) and each participated in the fundraiser to benefit Rising Stars Academy, a new culinary arts school for special needs students, located in Centerline, MI. The competition featured Dorsey students (of course), as well as Chef Don Yamauchi from Motor City Casino and other local chefs and culinary students.

Competitors received “mystery ingredients” that they had to transform into tasty dishes by using their best culinary creativity. Students Bailey Sangret and Kelly Bianchi even took home a bronze medal for their plate featuring brisket as the “mystery ingredient” (pictured below). Judges enjoyed Dorsey students Tecorra Shavers’ and Queenie Noble’s sauce so much that they suggested for them to start bottling it! While competing in the event, Dorsey Culinary students were able to transform the skills learned in class to real world experiences.

Dorsey Schools Culinary Arts programs are currently available at their Roseville and Waterford-Pontiac Campuses.  The Culinary Arts program at Dorsey Schools is currently enrolling for its Fall Term, which begins on September 30th.  For more information on Dorsey’s Culinary Arts program, you may speak with a Dorsey Admissions Representative by calling 888-422-1188.

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