Dorsey Schools Celebrates American Heart Month 2017

American Heart Month 2017

February is known as American Heart Month.  It’s time set aside by the American Heart Association to raise awareness around the importance of good heart health.  American Heart Month has been celebrated since 1964.  In that year, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared February as American Heart Month.

Dorsey Schools Celebrates American Heart Month 2017

American Heart Month 2017

Here are some startling stats from the American Heart Association a:

  • When it is listed as the underlying cause of death, Cardiovascular disease (CVD), accounts for nearly 801,000 deaths in the United States. That’s roughly 1 of every 3 deaths in the United States attributed to CVD.
  • It is estimated that on average, someone dies from CVD every 40 seconds. That accounts for about 2,200 deaths of Americans due to CVD each day.
  • It’s estimated that nearly 92.1 million American adults are currently living with some sort of CVD or the after-effects of a stroke.
  • It’s estimated that each year, CVD causes more deaths than all forms of cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease combined.
  • The costs associated with CVD are staggering. Direct and indirect costs of CVD and stroke are estimated to total more than $316 billion.  This figure includes costs associated with health expenses and lost productivity.

American Heart Month Resources

Here at Dorsey Schools, we are committed to sharing valuable healthcare info.  This includes info on American Heart Month Resources.  As a healthcare career training school, we strive to share info on topics relevant to the fields of our students’ newly chosen careers.  In honor of American Heart Month, we have collected some of our past posts on the importance of heart health.  Check them out below!

What Does an EKG Tell You?

Ever wonder, what is an EKG?  Are you curious about what does an EKG Tech do?  Have you asked yourself, why do people have EKGs?  Do you want to know what happens during and after an EKG?  Learn more about each of these by visiting our blog on what does an EKG tell you.

All About Blood Pressure

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is essential to good heart health.  In this blog post, we will explain why blood pressure is important for heart health.  We will also explain what blood pressure is and explain the difference between the top and bottom numbers in your blood pressure reading.  Learn more about blood pressure by checking out this blog.

CPR and First Aid Training

CPR and first aid training saves lives.  Learn more about what CPR is, the forms of CPR training that are available and why you should learn CPR by checking out this helpful blog.

Dorsey Schools Medical Training Programs

The medical training programs offered at Dorsey Schools in Michigan are designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in the healthcare field.  Many of the medical training programs offer students the chance to learn in both a classroom setting as well as in a hands-on lab setting on campus.  Dorsey Schools offers several medical training programs for students to choose from when selecting their area of study.  These include Medical Assistant, Medical Administration and Billing, and Patient Care Technician.  Programs for Pharmacy Technician, Massage Therapy, and Dialysis Patient Care Technician are also available.  Program availability varies by campus location.

Do you want to learn more about training for a career in healthcare?  The Medical Training Programs offered at Dorsey Schools could be the answer.  Contact Dorsey Schools today by calling 888-422-1188 or request info online to learn more.




Reviewed and edited 12/6/17