Dorsey Culinary Arts Program Explores The Rise of Holiday Baking TV Shows

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The holiday season is upon us!  This time of year can mean different things to different people, and for many, the holiday season can often be associated with the warm aromas of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves radiating from kitchens as delicious holiday desserts are prepared.  It’s enough to make anyone’s mouth water just thinking about it!

Dorsey Culinary Arts Program Explores The Rise of Holiday Baking TV Shows

Since baking has become a staple of sorts when one thinks about the holidays, it’s no surprise that there has been a rise in the TV shows that feature a holiday baking theme.  If you’re looking for added inspiration for your own holiday desserts, or just want to check out what others are preparing for the holidays, we’ve got the lowdown for you on some of this season’s holiday-themed baking TV shows.

The Great Holiday Baking Show

The Great Holiday Baking Show premiered on ABC Monday November 30th and airs Monday evenings at 10PM ET for four weeks.  The show was inspired and based off of a series in the United Kingdom called “The Great British Bake Off.”  The show features great amateur bakers who are all vying to be named the Holiday Baking Champion.  To get there though, they will need to compete in a series of holiday themed challenges and face the possibility of elimination after challenges.  The judges for the show include Johnny Iuzzini, a renowned James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and author along with Mary Berry, who has often been referred to as England’s “Royal Queen of Baking.”

Holiday Baking Championship

Food Network’s series Holiday Baking Championship is back for a second season!  The show is hosted by Bobby Deen and features eight bakers squaring off in a series of challenges and eliminations.  Some of the episodes this season have had challenges asking contestants to craft Thanksgiving-inspired desserts, reinvent classic Hanukkah desserts, and create their very own stuffed cake.  The show airs Sunday evenings at 9PM ET on Food Network.  Contestants are judged by culinary experts Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman, and Lorraine Pascale.

Cake Wars Christmas

Jonathan Bennett hosts Cake Wars Christmas, which also airs on Food Network.  The show is a holiday-themed spin-off of Food Network’s Cake Wars and it features seven team (each includes a cake artist, a sugar sculptor, and a food-carver) tasked with creating masterfully crafted Christmas-themed creations.  The series has featured challenges inspired by the movie Frozen, the tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters, a Charlie Brown Christmas, and in the finale (airing Monday December 14th at 9PM ET), the final two teams will be tasked with creating an ultimate Gingerbread House!

Christmas Cookie Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good cookie, right?  Jonathan Bennett hosted the Food Network special, Christmas Cookie Challenge, which featured all things Christmas Cookies.  Now-a-days, Christmas Cookies aren’t just a sweet treat.  They’re also thought of as great gift ideas and also perhaps a nostalgic reminder form our childhood.  The show featured five strong-willed bakers all vying in an all-out battle to see who’s cookies would reign supreme, while being crowned the winner and claiming the $10,000 prize!

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